carok and madura culture

Excessive reverence for the dignity and worth of Madura was often the root causes of conflicts and violence. This condition occurred because almost every offense is always ascribed to / or claimed as harassment or humiliation of dignity and their self-esteem. Some young children in overseas ─ Madura usually do not obtain adequate educational opportunities ─ deliberately looked highlight negative images of ethnic communal to scare other people for individual benefit unilaterally.
Another example can be presented on the unique behaviors (absurdity-ethnography) Madurese. "A young man came from remote villages Madura want to watch a football stadium 10 November Surabaya. We will cross the Ferry ride, he bought a ticket officer asked, torn into two, a small tear is returned while the officer retrieved a large tear. Viewing Ferry officer behavior, his mind troubled and uncertain. He went back to buy 2 more tickets at once: 1 sheet given to the officer Ferry while the remaining one sheet hidden in his pants pocket to save his torn officer. With a sense of calm and ternteram heart, he stepped up the deck firmly ... Ferry, to cross ... "

Carok actually a cultural entity sarcasm for Madura. In the history of Madurese, have not known the term mass carok because carok is a duel one on one, and there is prior agreement to do the duel. In fact in its preparation, performed certain rituals before carok progress. Both parties carok actors, both previously received the blessing of their families. Thus, before D-day death duel armed celurit done, at his home organized religion of salvation and the debriefing of recitation. By his family, the perpetrator has been prepared and diikhlaskan carok to be killed.

Many people interpret that any form of violence, both end in death or not, especially those made of Madurese, it carok. In reality, not so. Carok always done by a fellow man in the neighborhood of the villagers. Every time this has happened carok, people talk about who wins and who loses. In his research findings, asserted that in fact carok Wiyata not refer to all forms of violence that occur or do Madurese community, as the opinion of those outside the Madurese for this. Carok as if it were the only act to do those remote villages who are unable to find and select other options in an effort to find solutions when they are experiencing conflict.

Characters that are also attached to the stigma of Madurese is behavior that is always what it is in acting. The voice is firm and honest speech presumably is one form of everyday life that we can feel when assembled with the Madurese. Personal loud and assertive personality is another form of public-owned Madurese. Madurese culture is also a culture that attached to religious traditions. The majority of Madurese converted to Islam. Therefore, in addition to local cultural roots (original Madura) Islamic law is so rooted there. There's even an expression of culture: Madurese worst, if there is an insulting religion (Islam) then they will still be angry.
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madura unique culture

The most fundamental issue really lies in the cultural meaning of compliance in the context of subordination, hegemony, exploitation, and stand to lose a lifetime. Meaning it needs to be put in place a just and proportionate. If the hierarchical obedience to figures I and II because there is no problem stretching to obtain and change cyclically the hierarchical compliance efforts untak change in figures III and IV can be reached through hard work and optimism with a stock of knowledge which is very adequate. Therefore, cultural issues about the conception of actual compliance is not something that without a solution to change it.

Madura cultural expression: kerras pas mon akerres (if able and competent to compete it must be authoritative, charismatic, and effective as a keris) can presumably inspired the ethnic Madurese individual entities to achieve success and peace in a life of helplessness in the world and the hereafter .

The uniqueness of Madurese culture is basically shaped and influenced by many geographical and topographical conditions of hydraulic and rain-fed agricultural land which tend barren so survivalitas their lives more at sea as the main perncarian eye. They were formed by marine life full of challenges and risks of which raises the spirit and physical courage high, hard and tenacious spirit, full of confidence, defensive in a variety of hazards and precarious situations, be open, straightforward in spoken, and uphold the dignity and self-esteem . Basic character formation maritime climate so sometimes expressed excessively so bring conflict and physical violence. Therefore, conflict management behavior accompanied by acts of violence 'confirmed and attached' as the cultural uniqueness of each individual group or figure Madurese ethnic community.
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madurese leadership skill election

Description about the Madurese compliance to these four major figures can actually be traced standard reference on the side of cultural religiosity. As the majority of the inhabited islands (+ 97-99%) Muslims, Madura keberislamannya revealing characteristic, especially in the actualization of adherence to the normative teachings of their religion (Wiyata, 2002:42). Adherence to both parents is a tutorial on the Prophet Muhammad, although the order of precedence hierarkisnya Mother (Babbu ') then Dad (Buppa'). Messenger yebut obedience to multiply three children to his mother than his father. It also stated that the contentment of parents 'became the basis of' good pleasure of God. Therefore, normatively-religious mother level 3 times higher than the father then the product should Madurese adherence to the normative teachings of Islam gave birth to a culture that positioned the mother at the highest hierarchy. In reality, not the case. Although even so, culturally understandable why hierarchy father positioned higher than the mother. The position of father in-okultural sosi Madurese ethnic communities in control and full authority of the family institution as a figure who was mandated to be responsible in all their household needs, including: fulfillment of the purposes of economic, educational, health, and safety of all family members, including The Mother as a member of the 'leadership' man.

On the other hand, adherence to the Master's cultural Madurese (Kiai / Ustad) as well as to government leaders for their role and services that dang couch useful and meaningful to the ethnic Madurese survivalitas entities. Teachers instrumental in enlightening communal mindset and behavior of students to acquire the world's welfare and safety of inhabitants of the land hereafter. Their contribution is considered very significant and large credited for giving provision to live in the wild survivalitas world and salvation hereafter post-life of the world. While government leaders instrumental in arranging the order of public life through the provision of climate and job opportunities, expand economic opportunity areas, to accommodate the freedom of worship, maintaining safe environment, and build unity in a participatory or empowerment. The dimensions of religiosity, as figures in perspective Rato equated with the term ethnic Madurese ulil amri equally obliged to obey.
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madurese paternal religious system2

Therefore, obedience to the Madurese typical figure of the teacher be a marker of their culture (probably) no need to doubt its validity.

Generative cycle of compliance Madurese (as students) to the figure of the teacher was not in itself can be realized as the obedience of children to the figures I and II, father and mother. This condition occurred because not all of Madurese have the opportunity to become teachers figure. Although there were predictive assumption that the teacher figure is probably achieved by pupils because genealogical aspect but in reality can not be certain that every student would become a teacher, following her parents' footsteps. Therefore, the cultural meaning that can be captured is that the Madurese are not enough available free space and opportunity to convert their status to people who always have to behave obedient, submissive, and resigned.

Compliance of the Madurese to figure Rato (government leaders) occupies the fourth hierarchical position. Rato figure achieved by a person from anywhere ─ ─ not because of ethnic origin but because of the success factors genealogical achievement in gaining the status. In reality, not everyone is able or expected Madura opportunity to achieve a position as Rato, except 3 or 4 persons (as the District in Madura) in 5 to 10 years. That was done when it issued new national policy of the Law on Regional Autonomy, in 1999 the newly ago.

Therefore, the opportunity to occupy Rato also figure in the reality of its praxis is a rare condition that is relatively difficult to achieve by the Madurese. In that context can be stated that throughout life Madurese still in a position that always must obey. That subordinate-hegemonic position that hit the individual in Madura ethnic entities.
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madurese paternal religious system

There is no precise vocabulary to refer to other terms except submission, obedience, and submission to the fourth figure.

Adherence or obedience to the Father and Mother (buppa 'tires Babbu') as the natural parents or nasabiyah already clear, firm, and recognized keniscayaannya. Culturally obedience and submission to a person to his parents is absolute. If not, speech or designation kedurhakanlah inflicted to him by the sociocultural environment community. In fact, within any cultural context of child compliance to both parents be in mitlak necessity, can not be negotiated, and contested. Which may be different, just a way and form in memanifestasikannya. Absolute obedience was not constrained by anything, as the prevalence of which is supported by genealogical factors. Subsequent consequences are relatively certain that if the current one (child), obedient to her parents then when the time comes when a parent he would be obeyed also by the children. That is one form of inheritance of cultural values that terdiseminasi. Continuous and continuous cycle that would be repeated and sustained under normal conditions, fair, and naturally, unless inheritance compliance values were experienced discontinuity caused by various conditions, factors, or extraordinary events.

Compliance with the Madurese to the figure of the teacher-level position at the next hierarchical. The use and mention of the term refers to teachers and emphasizes the notion Kiai-sitter or a boarding school for at least Ustadz on 'schools' religious. The role and function of le-BiH teachers emphasized in the context of morality is attributed to the eschatological life ─ especially in the aspects of peace and rescue themselves from the burden or suffering on the nature of life hereafter (morality and sacred world). Therefore, obedience to the Madurese typical figure of the teacher be a marker of their culture (probably) no need to doubt its validity.
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Madurese is religious people

In the context of religiosity, the Madurese are known to hold strong (memedomani) Islamic teachings in any pattern of his life despite leaving a 'dilemma', to mention a deviation / contradiction between Islamic teaching (formal and substantive) and socio-cultural behavior patterns in their religious praxis. The recognition that the formal teachings of Islam as believed and followed in the ethnic Madurese individual life that was not always show linearity in the attitudes, convictions, and their behavior patterns. Dilemma of their religious practice, it would be especially interesting research theme for understanding the full, deep, and comprehensive on Madura ethnography on the one hand, and the successful penetration of Islamic teachings on the Madurese ethnic community that most people / ethnic others are still viewed ( in-believe?) has undergone internalization of sociocultural, on the other. Such an understanding is expected to give a meaningful contribution, especially for the clarity and brightness of the pattern element of view-nation citizens.

For the Madurese ethnic entities, hierarchical compliance becomes kenis-confidence to be actualized in our daily praxis 'normative regulation' binding. Therefore, neglect or abuse by a deliberate over the rules that lead to the perpetrators of social and cultural sanctions. Ethnographic meaning so tangible in the absence of further opportunities and space enough to waive that normative rules. In a broader meaning can be stated that the actualization of compliance was done throughout his life. There is no precise vocabulary to refer to other terms except submission, obedience, and submission to the fourth figure.
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Madurese culture behavior

Madurese are known to have a distinctive culture, unique, stereo-typical, and stigmatik. Cultural identity is considered as a generalized description of individual and communal identity in the ethnic Madurese behave and berkehidupan. Their lives in places of origin and in overseas often brings ─ and always understood by other ethnic community on the basis of collective identity ─ it. As a result, not uncommon among them social and cultural treated ─ physically and / or psychic ─ perceived unfair, disproportionate and even out of the ordinary.

By Syariffuddin Mahmudsyah

Various descriptions of the absurd behavior of Madurese accustomed disclosed and shown ─ for example, in forums, intellectual community (well-educated) ─ that increasingly confirms their identity generalizations in shades of subordinate, terhegemonik, and alienated from the 'cultural scene' various other ethnic as an element of national culture. Although it every ethnicity have characteristics as communal identity, but the identity of Madura is considered more marketable than other ethnicities to disclosed and discussed, mainly for the purpose thaw frozen or condition tense atmosphere at a forum meeting due to the relative deemed able to deliver fresh jokes (absurdity behavior) .
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Maduranese culture not always crime

A writer from Madura, Mahwi Freshwater, said, Madurese culture is not always synonymous with celurit and violence.

This is revealed in Madura cultural dialogue and book "Eyes Blater" which contains a collection of short stories short story writer's Freshwater Mahwi together a number of Madurese culture expert at the University of Jember Research Institute auditorium on Friday.

"Madura not only synonymous with violence, but there is the tenderness and cultural values are rooted there," said Mahwi who tried to describe the Madurese culture through short stories.

The man who was born in the coastal Sumenep, Madura said Madurese have properties that hard and have the spirit to work hard.

"In this short story, I would like to invite the people of Madura not use violence to solve problems," he said.

Anthology (collection) short stories in "Eyes Blater" attempts to explore sociological issues are very complex Madurese community.

"I want to pour all my life experiences are hard at Madura with literary form of short stories and poetry," he said.

Short story is a picture of pain and passion that states violent nature and the environment can bear the beauty of life that will never run out.

Some short works include Freshwater Mahwi Eppak, Song of the Lonely Woman, Selaksa celurit Wall Hanging on the other hand, turned to the Bukit Timah Road, and the pair of Young Snails.
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lirik lagu hegemonik seringan awan

lirik lagu hegemonik - seringan awan

Di sini semua berawal
Walau seribu tanya bicara
Terbungkam oleh pesona

Tanpa arah, semakin jauh
Ku bertahan
Haruskah ku hilang, tanpa pesan
Akankan ku rindu, semua kesan

Sentuhlah hatiku, rasakannya berbeda
Rengkuhlah pikirku, bawa ku ke duniamu
Dengarlah harapku, akankah kau mengerti
Bila hadirmu buat hatiku, seringan awan

Di sini semua terungkap
Walau nyata enggan berkata
Terbungkam oleh prahara

Tanpa arah, semakin jauh
Ku bertahan
Haruskah ku hilang, tanpa pesan
Akankan ku rindu, semua kesan

Sentuhlah hatiku, rasakannya berbeda
Rengkuhlah pikirku, bawa ku ke duniamu
Dengarlah harapku, akankah kau mengerti
Bila hadirmu buat hatiku, seringan awan

Sentuhlah hatiku, rasakannya berbeda
Rengkuhlah pikirku, bawa ku ke duniamu
Dengarlah harapku, akankah kau mengerti
Bila hadirmu buat hatiku, seringan awan
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lirik lagu plazmik takkan pernah

lirik lagu plazmik takkan pernah

hanya bisa melihat
dirimu dengan dirinya
hanya bisa merasa
angin kebahagiaanmu
saat kau dengan dirinya

walau aku takkan pernah
bisa milikumu lagi
meski aku takkan mungkin
tuk tetap disisimu lagi

cinta memang
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Lirik Lagu Emily Band indonesia

Entah ada berapa banyak band-band baru yang lahir sekarang ini. band-band baru silih berganti datang dan pergi. Band yang satu belum terlalu terkenal, sudah dikalahkan popularitasnya oleh band lain. lirik lagu berikut adalah lirik lagu dari pendatang baru. Band yang satu ini, penulis tidak terlalu mengenalnya, karena tergolong band yang bukan selera penulis. Namun penulis lampirkan lirik lagunya karena, siapa tahu ada yang mencari dan menemukannya di blog saya yang jelek ini.

Baiklah, langsung saja kita puterin Emily dengan judul Emily.

Lirik lagu Emily - emily

Lirik Lagu Emily Band (Band Indonesia) – Emily

Pesona dirimu seolah menggodaku
Gemulai tubuhmu membius diriku

Kau tancapkan aku panah-panah asmaramu
Berhayal ku masuk dalam alam cintamu

Oo.. Emily
Oo.. Emily
It’s my name

Hanya engkaulah yang ku sayang
Membuat hatiku pun berdendang
Oh sayang..

Hanya dirimu yang ku sayang
Bawalah diri ini terbang

Back to [*][**]

Sayang ‘kan ku bawa disrimu sayang
Berdendang dan terus melayang
Oh sayang

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lirik lagu aduh buyung manis manja group

lirik lagu aduh buyung manis manja group
Masa lalu merupakan masa-masa yang indah. Kenangan akan masa lalu, membuat kita tertawa, sedih, bahagia maupun duka. Lagu yang satu ini, membuat penulis merasakan kebahagiaan tersendiri kala mendengarnya. Bagaimana tidak, lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh manis manja group ini merupakan lagu sedih, tapi dihias dengan kegembiraan oleh para penyanyinya. lagu-lagu sendu yang seharusnya melankolis, dibawakan dengan ceria oleh group musik ini. Langsung aja kita dengerin Manis Manja Group dengan Aduh Buyang, selamat membaca.

Aduh buyung mengapa lupa padaku ah

Selama engkau dirantau, ku tunggu-tunggu dirimu

Betapa kejam dirimu tinggalkan aku sendiri

Di tanah minang ini hati merintih aduh duh hati merintih

Masih terlukis namamu di tepi teluk bayur

Setiap kapal yang singgah ku harap engkau yang datang membawa cinta

Tapi kini semua harapanku telah punah selendang sutra darimu tinggal kenangan 2x

Aduh buyung mengapa lupa padaku ah

Selama engkau dirantau , ku tunggu-tunggu dirimu

Berliku-liku janjimu, berbelok-belok cintamu

Sehingga aku jemu pada dirimu pada dirimu

Aduh buyung mengapa lupa padaku ah

Selama engkau dirantau, ku tunggu-tunggu dirimu
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ir. soekarno

Ir. Soekarno

Lahir : Blitar, Jawa Timur, 6 Juni 1966
Meninggal : Jakarta21 Juni 1970
Agama : Islam
Pendidikan : SLTP/SLTA di Surabaya.ITBdi Bandung
Pengalaman : Penulis/Kolumnis dan pejuang
Politik/Diplomatik; Pendiri PNI
(4 Juli 1927); Proklamator RI

Ir. Soekarno lahir dari keturunan bangsawan Jawa, waktu kecil bernama Kusno yang kemudian akrab dengan panggilan Bung Karno saja. Ia hanya beberapa tahun hidup bahagia bersama orangtuanya di Blitar. Tamat SD tinggal di Surabaya, indekost di rumah HOS Cokroaminoto, politisi kawakan tokoh Syarikat Islam. Sambil belajar, Soekarno menggembleng jiwa nasionalismenya.

Lulus SLTA, Soekarno melanjutkan sekolahnya ke ITB Bandung. Setelah meraih title Ir pada tahun 1926, HOS Cokroaminoto mengambilnya sebagai menantu. Soekarno kemudian mendirikan PNI (Partai Nasional Indonesia) dan berhasil merumuskan ajaran Marhaen.

Karena merasa khawatir, Penjajah Belanda kemudian menjebloskan Soekarno ke penjara Sukabumi, Bandung (29 Desember 1929). Delapan bulan kemudian baru disidangkan di pengadilan dengan tuduhan mengambil bagian dalam suatu organisasi yang bertujuan melakukan kejahatan disamping usaha menggulingkan kekuasaan Hinda Belanda. Dalam pembelaannya berjudul Indonesia Menggugat, dengan gagah berani Bung Karno menelanjangi kemurtadan bangsa yang mengaku lebihmaju itu. Pada tahun 1933 Belanda membuang Bung Karno ke Endeh, Flores, kemudian memindahkannya ke Bengkulu.

Pada jaman Jepang Bung Karno mensiasati saudara tua yang rakus itu. Pura-pura bekerja sama tetapi memanfaatkannya untuk kepentingan Indonesia. Bung Karno dan Bung Hatta memproklamirkan kemerdekaan RI pada 17 Agustus 1945, setelah Jepang bertekuk lutut pada sekutu.

Pada siding pleno PPKI ditetapkan UUD 1945 sebagai konstitusi RI dan memilih Soekarno dan Hatta sebagai Presiden dan Wakil Presiden RI pertama. Dengan proklamasi kemerdekaan RI, Pancasila dan UUD 1945 ribuan suku bangsa yang berbeda adapt istiadat dan agamanya di 17.000 pula dari Sabang samapi Merauke berhasil disatukan menjadi bangsa yang berdaulat.

Setelah berhasil mempersatukan Nusantara, Soekarno berusaha menghimpun bangsa-bangsa di Asia, Afrika dan Amerika Latin yang ketika itu umumnya terjajah, menjadi satu kekuatan baru yang adil, makmur dan damai. Bersama negarawan lain Soekarno menyelenggarakan Konferensi Asia-Afrika di Bandung (1955). Kini berkembang menjadi Gerakan Non-Blok beranggota ratusan Negara.

Ketika di dalam negeri berlarut-larut terjadi perpecahan akibat sejumlah politisi memaksakan pelaksanaan demokrasi parlementer yang liberal, pada 5 Juli 1959 Presiden Soekarno mengeluarkan Dekrit Presiden kembali ke UUD 1945. Persatuan dan Kesatuan bangsa utuh kembali.

Tetapi kemudian Bung Karno menerapkan sitem politik Nasakom (Nasionalis, Agama, Komunis). Para penentang politik ini berulang kali mengingatkan Bung Karno untuk tidak memberi peluang berkembangnya komunisme, karena akan berkhianat seperti pernah dilakukannya pada tahun 1926 dan 1948. kekhawatiran itu terbukti lagi, PKI melancakan kudeta (30 September 1965). Namun meskipun didesak Presiden Soekarno enggan membubarkan PKI. Setelah keadaan parah, pada 11 Maret 1966 barulah ia mengeluarkan Surat Perintah kepada Jendral Soeharto, yang lebih dikenal dengan supersemar, agar mengambil tindakan, yang kemudian membubarkan PKI sampai ke akar-akarnya.

Menjelang akhir masa baktinya, proklamator itu pernah berkata, “Selangkah saja saya maju, Negara ini akan hancur”. Ia memang tak bergeming sedikitpun. Lebih baik dirinya lebur daripada bangsa dan Negara ini hancur.
Meskipun kini sudah lama tiada, tetapi nama besarnya tak pernah pudar, kekal di hati rakyat Indonesia. Itu berkat jasanya kepada bangsa dan Negara yang tak terhingga.

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ayo.... dukung fair play piala dunia FIFA world cup AFSEL 2010. Piala dunia adalah ajang yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh para pecinta bola di seluruh dunia. Bila ketinggalan informasi sedikit saja, pasti bisa malu dengan rekan-rekan. Makanya jangan sampai ketinggalan informasi. dukung terus tim-tim favorit kalian. Fifa le Punk..... Dukung Fair Play FIFA WorldCcup AFSEL 2010 merupakan ajang keduaku(jika jadi ikutan) dalam perlombaan blog. Selama lebih dari dua tahun menggeluti dunia per-blog-an, saya baru sadar ada ajang-ajang untuk mengetahui potensi-potensi manusia Indonesia dalam dunia blog dan per-web site-an. Saya dulu tidak tahu hal-hal semacam itu. Saya hanya fokus menulis di blog, tanpa sadar dengan adanya pertarungan antar para jawara tinju(jiahahahahah..... para blogger maksudnya). Mulai dari lomba artikel sampai lomba seo. Wah.... kemana saja diriku selama ini. Dukung Fair Play FIFA WorldCcup AFSEL 2010 saya masih bimbang, ikut apa tidak. Soalnya saya termasuk telat dalam start. tapi, mengingat piala dunia sudah semakin dekat, dan tentunya banyak para pencari google yang ingin mengetahui perkembangan fifa worldcup 2010, merupakan suatu kesempatan tersendiri untuk para blogger untuk menyediakan informasi tentang world cup. Soalnya bisa juga digunakan untuk meningkatkan trafik, ika ada yang masuk sih.... hehehehe. tapi, siapa tahu aja ada yang kesasar masuk ke blog saya....... Dukung Fair Play FIFA WorldCcup AFSEL 2010 memperebutkan banyak hadiah menarik. untuk Info lebih lanjut lihat aja ke hehehe... soalnya saya males mau nulis2, mending kukasih link-nya saja, dan kalian lihat sendiri aja hadiah2 yg diperebutkan.... saya mau menulis sesuka saya saja.. hahaha... egois banget kan saya...

World Cup Afsel 2010 sudah dekat. Berapa bulan lagi?? kurang dari satu bulan ya, tinggal hitungan hari lagi.... saya sendiri kagak tau, jiah...... gimana sih saya ini... yang penting pokoknya fair play harus tetep nomer satu...... betul tidak?
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ArenaBetting com dukung fair play FIFA world cup AFSEL 2010 dukung fair play FIFA world cup AFSEL 2010. merupakan agen resmi sbobet di Indonesia untuk permainan betting online. walaupun saya tidak menyarankan kalian untuk berjudi. Tapi tentu saja saya menyarankan kalian untuk mendukung fair play di Piala Dunia World Cup 2010.

Piala dunia 2010 memang sudah semakin dekat. 11 Juni merupakan kick off pertandingan pertama dan pembukaan dalam acara tersebut. Semua Negara yang ikut serta akan berjuang dengan segenap kemampuannya. Sementara saya, hanya bisa mendukung mereka melalui postingan-postingan saja, dan juga doa.

Fair play tentu saja harus merupakan yang nomer satu diutamakan dalam suatu pertandingan. Apalagi pertandingan sepakbola. Wasit satu orang di tengah lapangan, dan dua orang di pinggir lapangan, membuat sepakbola menjadi rentan dalam hal pelanggaran. Jika kebetulan wasit tidak melihat suatu pelanggaran, dan pemain yang dilanggar tidak bisa bangun, pemain sportif harusnya membangunkan pemain yang dijatuhkan tersebut. Dukung Fair Play FIFA World Cup AFSEL 2010 merupakan sebuah partisipasi dari untuk meramaikan FIFA World Cup AFSEL 2010 yang kick off nya akan digelar pada 11 Juni 2010 mendatang. Dukung Fair Play FIFA World Cup AFSEL 2010 menjadi isu menarik dan penting. Dalam dunia per-sepakbola-an Fair Play atau sportivitas menjadi nilai yang harus dijungjung tinggi. Kalah menang dalam permainan itu adalah hal biasa. memang harus ada yang menang dan harus ada yang kalah dalam suatu pertandingan sepakbola, walaupun kadang seri, sama-sama tidak kalah dan sama-sama tidak menang. sendiri seperti yang tercatum di tagline webnya merupakan Agen Bola (Taruhan Bola Berkualitas di Indonesia). Agen resmi sbobet di Indonesia untuk permainan betting online. Secara ringkas sebagai agen resmi shobet merupakan agen taruhan yang salah satunya menjadi pihak perantara para petaruh via online. Sebagaimana sempat saya bahas juga di salah satu artikel sebelumnya Judi Bola (Taruhan) Piala Dunia 2010 Piala Dunia 2010 merupakan ajang yang kemungkinan mengundang para petaruh untuk mengadu peruntungannya.
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Hosting Murah Indonesia 2

Hosting Murah Indonesia diselenggarakan dalam Rangka menyambut dan memeriahkan Ulang Tahun yang pertama (1st anniversary), kami menyelenggarakan KONTES SEO ajang bermain kreativitas di dunia internet.

Hosting Murah Indonesia
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Waktu Pelaksanaan Kontes: 20 Mei s.d. 20 Juli 2010

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Ki Hajar Dewantara

Ki Hajar Dewantara, pada waktu mudanya bernama RM Suwardi Suryaningrat. Lahir pada hari kamis legi tanggal 2 Puasa 1818 atau pada tanggal 2 Mei 1889. ayahnya bernama Kanjeng Pangeran Harjo Surjaningrat. Suwandi merupakan anak yang ramah, sabar dan sering tampil sebagai pemimpin di kalangan teman-teman sepermainannya.

Ki Hajar Dewantara menikah dengan sepupunya sendiri yang bernama R.A Sutartinah, atau lebih dikenal dengan nama Nyi Hajar Dewantara.

Ki Hajar Dewantara adalah keturunan Sri Paku Alam III. Kadipaten/Istana Paku Alaman merupakan salah satu dari empat kerajaan di Jawa Tengah. Sejak kecil, Suwardi dididik dalam suasana religius dan dilatih untuk mendalami soal sastra dan kesenian.
Keluarga Paku Alaman merupakan keluarga yang maju. Suwardi bersekolah di SD Belanda III. Sekolahnya terletak di kampong Bintaran Yogyakarta. Setelah tamat SD pada tahun 1904, Suwardi masuk Sekolah Guru di Yogyakarta. Tetapi tak lama kemudian, Suwardi masuk Sekolah Dokter Jawadi Jakarta. Karena di sekolah itu ada program beasiswa. Dan Suwardi mendapatkan beasiswa tersebut. Selama 1905-1910 Suwardi menjadi murid Sekolah Dokter Jawa. Pada tahun 1910, beasiswanya dicabut karena Suwardi tidak naik kelas, disebabkan karena sakit selama empat bulan. Terpaksa ia harus meninggalkan sekolah tersebut karena tidak dapat membiayainya.

Setelah meninggalkan Sekolah Dokter Jawa, Suwardi bekerja pada Laboratorium Pabrik Gula Kalibogor, Namyumas. Kemudian pada tahun 1911 pindah ke Yogyakarta. Bekerja sebagai pembantu apoteker di Rathkamp. Di samping itu, Suwardi mulai terjun ke dalam bidang Jurnalistik. Membantu surat kabar Sedyo Utomo di Yogyakarta, De Express di Bandung.

Pada tanggal 6 September 1912, didirikan Indische Partij yang dipimpin oleh D. Dekker, Suwardi Surjaningrat dan Tjipto Mangunkusumo (Tiga Serangkai). Mereka bercita-cita menciptakan Indonesia merdeka dan berdaulat. Tiga Serangkai menerima huhukuman buang atau pengasingan karena telah membuat artikel dan tulisan-tulisan yang isinya protes terhadap Belanda. Mereka bertiga menjalani hukuman buang atau pengasingan di Negeri Belanda pada tahun 1913. selama di tanah pengasingan, Suwardi banyak menghadapi budaya asing.

Pada saat di pengasingan, Suwardi dikaruniai dua orang anak. Keluarga Suwardi hidup sangat sederhana. Mereka paling senang membeli hati ayam, rempela, iso babat dan sebagainya, karena harganya murah. Sehubungan dengan seringnya S. Surjaningrat membeli bagian dalam ayam dalam jumlah yang besar, si pedagang bertanya “Berapakah anjing Tuan di rumah?” karena di Negeri Belanda, bagian dalam ayam sebagai makanan anjing.

Pada tahun 1919, Suwardi kembali ke tanah air. Suwardi melanjutkan perjuangannya. Beliau menggunakan jurnalistik sebagai alat untuk mencapai cita-citanya. Keberanian dan ketajaman menanyanya, mengakibatkan ia sering terjerat dan dikenakan delik pers. Atas jasa-jasanya tersebut, Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia (PWI)pada tanggal 28 April 1959, mengangkat Ki Hajar Dewantara sebagai ketua kehormatan PWI secara Posthum / Anumerta.

Ki Hajar Dewantara wafat pada 26 April 1959. Ia wafat dengan tenang di Padepokan Muja Muju, Yogyakarta. Nyi Hajar tabah dan dengan ikhlas melepas kepergian suaminya. Pada hari Rabu 29 April 1959, jenazahnya dipindahkan ke Pendapa Taman Siswa di Jalan Taman Siswa. Dari pendapa, jenazahnya diberangkatkan ke pemakaman “Wijaya Brata”. Piluhan ribu manusia, orang tua, anak-anak, pria dan wanita, memberikan penghormatan terakhir. Upacara pemakaman dipimpin oleh Panglima Teritorium IV, Kolonel Soeharto.
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indonesiaku bukan indonesia-indonesiaan

Indonesia adalah negara kepulauan. Terdiri dari beribu-ribu pulau. Bermacam-macam suku bangsa, bahasa, adat-istiadat, budaya. Bhineka tunggal ika, menyatukan seluruh rakyat Indonesia dalam satu kesatuan. Mulai dari anak TK, sampai pemain bola, bangga menyandang lambang negara burung garuda di dadanya. Walau entah apa yang terjadi sekarang.

Korupsi dimana-mana. Mulai dari maling kelas teri sampai maling berdasi, saling bersaing memperebutkan harta yang bukan hak-nya. Mereka semua saling menyalahkan. Saling menuduh. Para wakil rakyat-pun tak mau kalah. Ada yang cuma saling adu mulut. Ada juga yang saling adu tinju.

Kemana hilangnya budaya bangsa Indonesia? Kemana hilangnya para empu-empu pembuat keris-keris (senjata dan juga warisan leluhur kita)? Kemana hilangnya para keturunan Syailendra (para arsitek2 leluhur kita)? Kemana hilangnya jiwa kepemimpinan para raja-raja penguasa Nusantara, yang dulu sanggup menyatukan Nusantara? Kemana hilangnya para keturunan wali songo yang menegakkan panji2 Islam? kemana hilangnya para keturunan Jendral Soedirman, Pangeran Diponegoro, bung Tomo dan seluruh pahlawan2 Indonesia yang rela mengorbankan nyawanya demi persatuan Indonesia? Sekarang ini, yang ada hanya keturunan Ken Arok, yang menusuk orang yang membuatkan keris yang menjadikannya raja.

Dimana terdengarnya gaung Reog Ponorogo? Di negeri tetangga kita? Baju batik, kebaya, wayang dll? Di negeri tetangga? Candi Borobudur tergusur dari keajaiban dunia, salah siapa? Pulau Komodo tidak termasuk 100 besar keajaiban dunia, salah siapa? Pemimpin, Presiden, Pemerintah, Pengurus yayasan, para penjaga, atau kita sendiri? Kita sebagai warga negara Indonesia, bertanggung jawab atas warisan leluhur kita. Menjaganya. Memeliharanya. Apa masih ada orang yang menyuguhkan wayang pada pesta perkawinannya (bagi para orang Jawa)? Apa masih ada yang peduli dengan warisan leluhur kita? Apa masih ada yang peduli dengan Tradisi, adat-istiadat, budaya, bahkan kesenian kita? Kalau kita sendiri tidak peduli, jangan marah kalau kebudayaan kita diambil orang. kalau memang kita masih peduli, mari kita pelihara. Mari kita jaga. Bersama-sama.
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Teaching Methods in kindergarten.

Basically a lot of methods that can be used by teachers to convey the material in teaching and learning activities in kindergarten, some of which are as follows

1. Storytelling Method
This method is a way in which children are invited to imagine / fantasize embodied in receptive language skills and ekspretif. This can cause for children who have less / no notice will not always answer, but another for children and can express who watched closely the course of the story, he will be able to answer and can express pendapatkannya about the story has been told by the teacher.
Therefore, the authors tried to apply the method of the story with props, especially the media image series, the purpose of giving this story so that there is no intention or level of language proficiency of children.
So the method of story telling is a way of giving lessons with the lighting and narrative orally by the teacher to student. The role of students in this method is to listen carefully the lessons presented by teachers.
a. Goodness lecture method (story):
1. To introduce the principal - the principal major point put forward new thoughts
2. Arouse students' interest and passion

b. Weaknesses lecture method (story):
1. When children do not listen closely, it will be easily forgotten
2. If teachers taught him that the whole pattern is dominated by descriptions and a one way (one way), then students will get bored quickly

As for step - step in to tell a story with a series of media images is as follows:
1. Teachers prepare a series of stories with the media image
2. Teachers set the child seat
3. Teachers start the story with the media image series
4. The teacher finished telling, children are invited to retell the story with a series of media images.

2. Demonstration method.
Method demonstration can be done by teachers, other people or children to take the entire class. Method demonstration is a way of teaching by showing an actual or an object model. Other things that can be shown is how to use a tool or a series of experiments. In this method the performance is developed students' ability to observe, classify, draw conclusions, apply concepts, principles or procedures and mengkonsumsikan to students - other students

3. Permaianan method
Permaianan method is a way of presenting teaching materials through various forms of the game. The game can be referred to the puzzle, pictorial boards (a type of snake ladder), a secret box picture cards made by students or teachers. This method can be used to provide compelling experiences for students in understanding a concept, reinforcing the concept that has been understood, or solve a problem. This method is useful because it can develop intrinstik motivation, provide opportunities to practice making decisions, and develop emotional control when winning and losing, as well as more interesting and fun making it easier for students to understand the materials presented. Thus the learning objectives will be achieved indirectly.

4. Method FAQ
Question and answer method is a way of presenting teaching materials through various forms of questions answered by students. This method is often used in teaching and learning together with other methods. This FAQ can be done at the beginning, the middle or at the end of the lesson activities. Questions and answers are often conducted to determine the extent of teaching materials that are or have been discussed was understood students. From the results the teacher can clarify the question and answer or stretch students' understanding of a lesson materials. In this method could be developed include the ability to submit and decide the question and communicate.
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principles of language skills development implementation

In accordance with the Special methodical Language Development (Department of Education, 2004; 7) "The principles of implementation of the development of language skills in Taman Kanak - Kanak", as follows:

a. Material taken from a conversation exercises or environmental themes and children.
b. Oriented teaching and learning activities on the ability to be achieved and where possible linked to the theme.
a. Children are given freedom in expressing thoughts and feelings and focus on spontasitas.
b. Teachers master the methods / techniques for implementation.
c. Communication between teachers and children carried out in close.
d. Teachers set an example or role model in using the language.
e. Materials containing the content to develop intellectually, emotionally, and in accordance with the stages of child development surrounding.
f. Not justified given the letters and their sounds and each one in it but through word containing the letter which will be introduced.
g. Not given a lesson such as reading and writing lessons in primary schools. "
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Language Skills Ability

1. Language Development Goals
In accordance with the Special Development methodical proficiency in kindergarten (Department of Education, 1996:3), development of proficiency in kindergarten students aim to be able to communicate verbally with the environment. Environment is the environment, among others, peers, friends playing, adults both in school, at home and the neighbors around her house.

2. Language Development Function
In a methodical Books Special Language Capability Development in kindergarten (Department of Education, 1996: 3) Function proficiency development for kindergarten children, among others:
a.. As a means of communicating with the environment.
b. As a tool to develop children's intellectual ability.
c. As a tool for developing children expressions.
d. As a means to express feelings and ideas to others. "

3. Scope of Language Ability.
In accordance with Outline - Outline of Learning Activities Program Taman Kanak - Kanak (GBPKB - TK), (Depsikbud, 2004: 4) in the development of language proficiency is structured in such a way that it can meet the needs of children. The scope of the development of language ability are as follows:
a. Imitating back sequence number, the sequence of words (auditory training).
b. Following a few commands at once.
c. Uses and can answer the question what, why, where, a few, how and so forth.
d. Speaks fluently with simple sentences.
e. Sing a few songs the kids

The development is aimed at ensuring children are able to express thoughts through simple language appropriately, able to communicate effectively and intriguing to be able to properly speak Indonesian.

In the execution capability that can be expected to be achieved gradually and repeatedly according to the abilities of children. Ability can be seen its success at the end of learning. Program of learning activities is achieved through the options in accordance with environmental themes that children and other activities that support the capability to be developed.

Implementation of all abilities, whether the ability of the formation and behavior of basic skills, can not be separated with the use of language, of course, the language of good and true, and so terinovasi learners to develop the language skills abilities. Fun and meaningful learning for students at all necessary efforts in order for the creative, innovate, berkolaboratif with all the citizens and the environment is especially dilingkunagn kindergarten, to create media or facilities in order to achieve the optimal goal.

Skills is one of the capabilities and potential that exists in every child, in order to develop optimal potential of such capabilities it needs to be given basic skills through training and guidance. Learning the language is also directed to sharpen students' sentiment that is able to understand the information conveyed is directly or indirectly.
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formulation problem chilhood

B. Problem formulation
Based on the background described above, researchers can continue the problem.
The formulation of the problem is as follows:
1. What about the ability of language skills to students in kindergarten Darussalam Sub Tanjunganom Nganjuk Academic Year 2009 / 2010
2. What the teachers' efforts to improve language proficiency of students through a series of media images in kindergarten Darussalam Sub Tanjunganom Nganjuk Academic Year 2009 / 2010?

C. Objective
Objectives to be achieved within this study are:
1. To describe the data on the ability of language skills to students in kindergarten Darussalam Sub Tanjunganom Nganjuk Academic Year 2009 / 2010
2. To describe the data on the effort of teachers in order to enhance the learning proficiency of students through a series of media images in kindergarten Darussalam Sub Tanjunganom Nganjuk Academic Year 2009/2010.
D. Importance of Research
With the successful writing of this paper is expected to be useful:
1. For Authors
a. Help teachers improve learning, especially the use of media images in a series of efforts to improve language skills, especially students in kindergarten Darussalam Sub Tanjunganom Nganjuk Academic Year 2009/2010.
b. Helping teachers grow in professional competence of teachers in accordance with the standards that have been established, thus increasing confidence in performing tasks.
c. Improving teacher actively, develop knowledge and skills especially pwnggunaan series of media images in an effort to improve language skills of students in kindergarten Darussalam Sub Tanjunganom Nganjuk Academic Year 2009/2010.
2. For students
Useful to improve learning outcomes of students, particularly those related to efforts to use the series to boost image medium proficiency students in kindergarten Darussalam Nganjuk Tanjunganom District.
3. For Institutions TK
a. As a major input dadam procurement plan or instructional media facilities required by the agency in an effort to improve student learning outcomes to improve basic skills, especially the ability of language skills.
b. Helping institutions Darussalam Sub TK Tanjunganom Nganjuk to grow with the increase or advance the ability of teachers and pendiidikan (students learning outcomes).
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childhood is a problematic issue because it often occurs during the more difficult behavior problems. This deals with the development of their unique personalities and by the freedom that is generally not successful they get. In the psychological realm of childhood - childhood is described with a number of different designations to describe the characteristics - characteristics that stand out from the psychological development of children during this age, one of the designations used are pre-school age.
The term pre-school age by teachers more focused to distinguish children - children of school age, this period is the period of preparation for primary school education. In the nursery - child, children are led to detach himself from habits at home. Many rules must be obeyed and was conducted in kindergarten who do not are like habits at home. Kindergarten is a place of transition in children's education process. One of the most common way in the surf environment is to ask, so in this period is often called the age question.

In this period the most prominent is the child imitate other people talk and action. By Karen that this period is also known to mimic age.
According to Elizabeth B. Huriock childhood - childhood is the ideal time to learn certain skills, he mentions three reasons: first child - a child happy to repeat, so they are skilled to do it. The two children - children are brave, so do not hampered by the kalu fear itself an illness or a friend - a friend sebagimana feared an older child. The three children - children easy and quick to learn because their body is still supple and sanagt new skills possessed so little of the newly mastered skills kertampilan menggannggu not available.

If the children - children are not given the opportunity in learning specific skills such as painting or imitating the sound of birds or other animals that preferred the sound of children, perhaps sent while progress has been possible then what happens is they lack basic katrampilan has been learned by friends - his peers and less have the motivation to learn various skills at the time given. In ahirnya independence will cause instability in children.

Skill marupakan one ability and potential that exists in every child, in order to optimize the potential for developing such capabilities it needs to be given basic - basic skills through training and coaching. At the age of one kindergarten skills necessary dikembangkkan is to learn language. Learning language is learning to communicate and therefore the learning skills at the age of kindergarten is aimed to increase students' ability to get to know the national language both orally and in writing. Language learning is also directed to sharpen students' sentiment. Learners are expected not only to understand the information conveyed directly but also delivered covertly or indirectly.

The essence of language is a tool to communicate, share experiences, learn from each other and enhance the intellectual and emotional abilities. Therefore the goal of developing language skills also refers to the competence of language use in good and true. Goal of developing language skills and reading and comprehension skills at the position and direction of kindergarten education is that students are able to communicate verbally with the environment. Environment is the environment around the child is between the other environments of peers, friends playing, adults both in school, at home and with neighbors in the neighborhood and have an understanding of the position concept in a simple way in accordance with the development of learners.

Development function and speaking proficiency for preschool children, among others, a tool to communicate with the environment, tools to develop children's intellectual ability, a tool to develop the child's expression, and the means to express feelings and thoughts to others.

The function of understanding the position and direction for preschool age children are as basic capital or early in life to be able menujuk up the position of the position and direction in accordance with the correct concept.
Learning program at the kindergarten curriculum by 1994 as stipulated in GBPKB-TK (Department of Education; 1995: 7) at point B on the program kegiata learn in order to develop basic skills, especially no. 2 about language. Development of language intended to make students able to communicate verbally with the environment.

Some language skills are expected to be achieved:
1. speaks fluently with simple sentences.
2. talked with the events surrounding it simple.
3. answering questions about short stories that have been in to tell a teacher.
4. telling images that have been provided.
5. talking about pictures that have made their own.
6. sort and tell the contents of the image series.
7. simple retelling of the story already told the teacher.
8. Ability to use the pronoun I in bekomunikasi
9. Having a variety prbendaharaan verb, adjective, the word state, question words and conjunctions

In the execution capability that can be expected to be achieved gradually and repeatedly according to the abilities of children. Ability can be seen its success at the end of learning. Program of learning activities is achieved through the options in accordance with environmental themes that children and other activities that support the capability to be developed.

Implementation of all abilities, whether the ability of the formation and behavior of basic skills, can not be separated with the use of language, of course, the language of good and true, and so learners terinovasi to develop the language skills, learning a fun and meaningful for all learners need in order to creative efforts , innovate, with all citizens berkolaboratif Kindergarten, to create media or means of supporting the achievement of an optimal goal. A teacher sued the creative and innovative in order to overcome the obstacles and problems that arise in the learning process. With creative and innovative in teaching a teacher can improve the basic skills achieved by learners.
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4 healthy 5 perfect

Creation and creativity in the activities of four healthy dish to serve five perfect. So we need in society or when we went kejenjang higher. In four healthy dish to serve five perfect like: white rice, vegetable soup macroni, spicy fried chicken, apples, and ice-degan. That perluadanya consensus from group members. Therefore, in a dish to serve four perfectly healthy five very useful are: increased energy, imune system and also maintain good health. Another no longer in penghidangannya nini not only food but the drinks will also be required, nor five perfect healthy dish 4 is very nutritious and also very beneficial for our bodies.

purpose :

- To increase our insight
- Provide an appreciation of the skills
- In order to be responsible for what we do
- To be able to cook various foods
- Applying the principles of cooperation within group
- Presents a wide variety of foods

Finally on art duties this time, we all succeeded in making the planning proposals menyelaikan kertakes practice exam that is to serve a perfect dish 4 5 perfectly healthy.
We make this Perencenaan based on the opinion / approval of the members of our group.
Consider and review of some criticisms, and suggestions from friends - a friend or teacher concerned, if there is no criticism and suggestions from friends - friends we may not be able to complete all tasks by as much as possible this kertakes.

A. Suggestion
In serving food apretiation 4 5 perfectly healthy. Dish of food and beverages served, must be varied, nutritious, nutritious and healthful.

B. Criticism
In practice makanana and beverage serving four perfectly healthy five consisting of: rice, laukpauk, vegetables - vegetables. Fruit - fruits and also added to the milk. Adjusted dengsan other foods and beverages.
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madrasah diniyah degradation

The essence of human beings "homo religious" man who is religious. Psycologis socially, people in her life takes a hold of religion. Because they recognize the existence of the One who is God Almighty who became backrest life for everyone who believed. For those who believe, believe in the God who made the earth, sky and its contents, including humans, then he will realize that he is a weak creature he will always try to draw closer to Him.
Thus the means / vehicle for galvanizing, makes a strong believers and Muslims, Islamic education required a, so that he could devote his life in a totality of Allah SWT, which is in accordance with Islamic Shari'a.

Pesantren and Madrasah Diniyah is an Islamic educational institution of departure / origin of the educational model of the mosque and the mosque, which was then in accordance with its development into a model whose system no longer madrasa halaqoh / wetonan but the model of classical systems. Therefore the existence of the madrasas is very necessary and needed in the middle of the Indonesian community that Homo Religious, whose goal is nothing else to print the man who is faithful and devoted in order to realize the ideals of the Indonesian people is to build a whole person.
ولو أن أهل القرى آمنوا واتقوا لفتحنا عليهم بركات من السماء والأرض ولكن كذبوا فأخذناهم بما كانوا يكسبون
Translation: "If the city residents if faithful and devoted, we will bestow to them the blessings of heaven and earth."

Departing from the urgency of the above, whether for personal, student, teacher, manager for the establishment of madrassas and the whole human development. Thus, madrasa Diniyah dimenej should be sought so that their management as well as possible, so do not lose just mastering the religious sciences but also supported the sciences, in order to become an educator / professional printer, capable of transferring a values noble, good for civilization / triumph of Islam Seta happiness in the hereafter.
المحافظة على التقديم الصالح والأجذعلى الجديد الأصلاح
"Preserving the old things better and take the new good."

At the current era of globalization demands of the communities want their children not only smart to take your lessons alone or control the religious sciences, but also to master the science-general science collaboration means (a combination of religious sciences and general knowledge is necessary) so that later he was able to achieve world-happiness hereafter. UNESCO launched the first. Learning to be second. Lerning to do 3. Lerning to know 4. Learning to live together. If the above four pillars of education achieved by the madrasa Diniyah then automatically people will applaud and enthusiastic about Diniyah madrasa. (Madrasah Diniyah can take people's hearts.

فخلظ رواةالعلم وإصحب حيادهم وصحبتهم زين وخلطتهم غنم
"Padukanlah various sciences and friends with the people of expert knowledge."
But if we observe about the madrasas Diniyah around us nowadays, rarely follow what about the four pillars of UNESCO proclaimed education. Also following the PP 55 of 2007 concerning the standardization Diniyah madrasa education. So could cause the decrease of the credibility of public trust Diniyah madrasa education. They consider that the madrasa education model Diniyah is people who can not follow the outskirts of the times, gradually madrasa Diniyah Nurul Hidayah in particular, generally the other will be left out of society, it will automatically become degraded.

However, if Madrasah Diniyah Sembung twisted Ngronggot respond to what has been declared UNESCO about the four pillars of education and also respond to PP 55 th 2001 then, inshaAllah Madrasah Nurul Hidayah Diniyah Ngronggot twisted remains exis and earn the trust of the community, because its output will be ready for use . And no doubt more in the future will be a flagship Madrasah
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Culture and customs of the East Javanese

Culture and customs of the Javanese people in the western parts of East Java receive a lot of influence from the Middle Java, so that this region is known as Mataraman; indicates that the area was once the domain of the Sultanate of Mataram. These areas include the ex-Residency of Madiun (Madiun, Ngawi, Magetan, Ponorogo, Pacitan), ex-Kediri Residency (Kediri, Tulungagung, Blitar, Trenggalek) and partially Bojonegoro. Like in Central Java, wayang kulit and ketoprak quite popular in this area.

Western coastal area of East Java is much influenced by the culture of Islam. This area covers an area of Tuban, Lamongan, and Gresik. Formerly the northern coast of East Java is the entrance area and the center of the development of Islamic religion. Five of the nine members of the Walisongo buried in this area.

Residency in the region of ex-Surabaya (including Sidoarjo, Mojokerto, and Jombang) and Malang, has little cultural influence Mataraman, considering this area quite far from the cultural center of Java: Surakarta and Yogyakarta.

Culture and Customs in the java horseshoe region is heavily influenced by the culture of Madura, given the Madurese the biggest population in this region. Osing is a cultural blend of Java, Madura, and Bali. While Tenggerese culture and customs heavily influenced by Hindu culture.

Villagers in East Java, as well as in Central Java, have a bond based on friendship and territorial. Various ceremonies are held, among others: tingkepan (gestational age ceremony for a child's first seven months), babaran (ceremony before the birth of the baby), sepasaran (the ceremony after the baby was five days), pitonan (the ceremony after the seven-month-old baby), circumcision, fiance.

Population of East Java generally share the marital monogamy. Prior to the application, the men do show nako'ake (asking if the girl already has prospective husband), after it conducted peningsetan (application). Marriage ceremony was preceded by gathering or kepanggih. To pray for people who have died, usually the family doing tell Donga on day one, the 3rd, 7th, 40th, 100th, 1 year and 3 years after death.
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karapan sapi and agriculture

The concept of modern agriculture, sustainable agriculture principles relating to agricultural development associated with agricultural systems without destroying or diminishing the ability of natural resources / Natural Resource. Resistant to stress and shock of agriculture sector. The development of agricultural techniques that preserve the value of local traditions, forms of reflection of natural resource use (SDA) of the present without compromising the ability of efficient long-term resources (future). In essence, is how to provide material
food and adequate food and economical.

(Emil Salim, 2005), Sustainable Development is sustainable development which include the following:
-Switch it from one track development process into a multi track.
Paradigm-shift from short to long term.
-Displace 'the economy as the main obstacle' to 'Ecological K / Main'.
-Displace the goal of development of the 'material' to the natural function of justice.
-Maximization of poverty eradication to replace the welfare of private individuals,

The condition of agricultural land on the island of Madura is quite difficult, because the arid and rarely rains.


Ihan pemul slowness of economic and employment opportunities that are not significant and a good visit. Then the hard flow of information and technology that went without filtration through various aspects / media lead to changes in the values and order of life and the life of nation and state, including changes in the behavior of groups / community groups in general in Madura.
There are at least three things at the level of concept that can explain the Madurese community changes related media as a communication medium beef karapan planting season in the agricultural sector is likely to change, ie
1). David Krech, 1995-1996: "The group tends to experience
changes towards a stable (self-stabilizing changes),
(Group and individual) in st ruktur and leadership as
a consequence of conflict, internal conflict, external forces
and shifts in membership. " 2). In explaining: "Efekt i fi bag
group partly determined by the nature of influence between sal ing
fellow members, like-i style of leadership, dependability and mot ivasi
friendly relations. And, 3). Changes in individual attitudes
essentially, is due to st imulus (stimulus). These changes
can happen easily or be difficult. Changes in attitudes of individuals in the same direction
with the influence and development of knowledge / technology. Changes in attitude
There are also two kinds, Yai tu:
-Change in attitudes in both directions or congruent
-Change in attitude or inkongruen contrary, in this context terl ihat
changes in congruent Madurese community.
Pal ing ing important life is the relationship between the individual and the explanation
l ingkungannya and-effect influence on the changes. According to
David Krech, 1962:183: "Where people are living in the past
time on the mark with a wide range of rapid change, Sei ring
With the change in life, a change in the way
view and interpretation of the norms of life. What had
stored meetings now begin revealed, bi He used to be considered violated
norm now shifted to a common and accepted. "
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karapan sapi and social

Social events or groups and human behavior as essentially qualitative because it is dynamic / one place (einmalig) or ideographic, examples of historical events. Events of human behavior is qualitative because it is associated with motivation / attitude / decision in the liver that can not be based on quantitative measurement. Composition of thought man is more quantitative, is the fact the world / objects / events is qualitative.
It is relevant to an explanation about the limitations of the group in
social concepts as follows. Groups can be distinguished as, Yai tu:
1.kelompok psychological and, 2.kelompok social organization. Group
Psychological: "means a unit which paused ri from two or more persons who
ing sal l dependent and thinking a certain ideological Iki. " Ik Karakterist groups
psychological is determined by idiologinya, st ruktur and position
individuals within the st rukturnya (David Krech et al, chapter XI).
The concept of social communities on the island of Madura, which is located in East Java,
Yai tu as one of the area and the wi layah Province in Indonesia
potential, East Java is a demographer and geographer is ident ik with
Madura, thinking l Iki largest population (2) in Indonesia. Adjacent
with Central Java in the west, the south Indian Ocean, the island of Bal i in t imur
and the Java Sea in the north. East Java Province, covering a total area 47 921 km2.
J iwa a population of 32,487,744 (1990) increased signi fikan
be 35 million more j iwa (1999), the cause of family planning
T o go well.
Picture is a picture of Madura, East Java. Population density
678 per km2 (1990), the character citizens who are very open and dynamic
and very known to migrate and trade. Natural resources and
human resources of East Java Province, a large enough bi He also managed
Poor data; in 2001 by the BPS with PKIB. / table / household
miskin/2.196.363. RT-7,267,843 d 10,046,943 inhabitants / compare with data from institutions
other (allegedly 21 million inhabitants). Data one of the main economic drivers of the beginning of the year 2001
namely SOEs. 188 SOEs that existed, including 54 operating in East Java consisting of six
business sectors, namely:
Sector, industry and trade,
-Sector of the industrial, construction and consulting services,
-Communications sector, telecommunications and tourism,
Financial-services sector,
-Sectors of agriculture, horticulture and forestry, and
-Public service sector
-The turnover estimated at more than 200 trillion (national), profits in 2001 reached 20 - trillion, two
trillions of them in the can from the operation in eastern Java. But state figures such magnitude
not automatically raise the level of social welfare.
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karapan sapi and comunication

There are many forms and concepts of communication since ancient times (Ancient) until Today (modern) including Madura either consciously or unconsciously as an aspect communication. American Indian tribal communities and tribes in Madura in Indonesia sometimes ways to communicate naturally and tend to the conventional mystical, far from science and technology but are equally effective results as well as more humane and perhaps according to the multi-faceted

Bull is the Madurese community communications media, for informed during the planting season when the season began to rain, a time when other media such as, TV, radio and print media are still rare. Currently the communication medium beef karapan has moved towards developing the sport aspect and the development of tourism in synergy with other information media, and leave the main aspect agriculture as a natural communication medium. People are more interested in show the cow in the contests and event tourism.
One of the concepts of communication is setting the agenda. Emperis research on the theory Agenda Setting McCombs and Shaw conducted in 1972. They write, among others : "The impact of media on the ability to induce cognitive change among individuals individuals have been dubbed as the agenda setting function of mass communication. Here lies The most important effects of mass communication, the ability of media to create the world structuring we. " McCombs, and Shaw (in Grace, 1988:260).
Agenda Setting Theory begins with an assumption that the mass media to filter the news, article, or writing which will airing. Selectively, editors, editorial staff, even determine which journalists themselves newsworthy and which should
hidden. Any incidents or issues were given particular weight with long presentation
(Time and space), prominence (headline size, location in the newspapers, the frequency appearance, the position in newspapers), and conflict (how to presentation materials). Because readers, viewers and listeners get most information through
mass media, the media agenda relating to the agenda of the community (public agenda).

Known to the public agenda by asking members of society, namely what they think, what they are talking with others, or what they perceive as a problem to attract the attention of the community center (community cilence). In addition to the agenda setting theory, there is a mass communication theory is widely accepted, namely the theory of Social Categorization, The Theory of Social differentiation (Defleur and Ball- Rokeach), in Deddy Mulyana states "social classification can be
based on identity, ethnicity, religion, sex, social class, residence (rural / urban)
and so forth. Various studies involving various social categories such
shows that the membership of people in a particular group raises
an important impact on their behavior.
The principle of this communication seems to have affected the Madurese community behavior, shift in the view karapan cow as a medium of communication in agriculture
Madura. Madurese community in an era of rapid change and globalization demanded
to vote.
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if I were a boy Beyonce

If I were a boy
even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
and throw on what I wanted and go

Drink beer with the guys
and chase after girls
I'd kick it with who I wanted
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cause they stick up for me

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
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I swear I'd be a better man
I'd listen to her
Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

If I were a boy
I would turn off my phone
Tell everyone it’s broken
So they’d think that I was sleepin’ alone
I’d put myself first
And make the rules as I go
Cause I know that she’d be faithful
Waitin’ for me to come home (to come home)

back to *

It’s a little too late for you to come back
Say its just a mistake
Think I’d forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you
You thought wrong

But you’re just a boy
You don’t understand
Yeah you don’t understand
How it feels to love a girl someday
You wish you were a better man
You don’t listen to her
You don’t care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause you’ve taken her for granted
And everything you have got destroyed
But you’re just a boy

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indonesia and cultural shift

Indonesia has many diverse socio-cultural. Specifically, socio-cultural situation in Indonesia is complex, given the Indonesian population numbering more than 200 million people in 30 tribes of unity. Indonesia has 67 parent culture that spread from west to east of the archipelago. Indonesia consists of 6000 inhabitated islands, besides the total of about 13,667 islands. From the above statement can be known that Indonesia is a country which rich with natural resources and overflow cultural resources.

Indonesia is a versatile multi-nation, whether it is a multilingual, multicultural, and multireligious. All that resources, if managed properly can be used as the potential for prosperity for the people and advancing our nation. Culture in the classical perspective was defined by Koentjaraningrat, as a whole system of ideas, actions and results of human work in the framework of community life which made the human identity that is obtained by way of learning.

In that sense, the culture includes everything that is the whole idea, intention, and the work of human beings, including the objects of human creativity and invention. Examples are traditional dance, traditional songs, and other local arts gained by learning. But in a more contemporary anthropological perspective, culture is defined as a system of symbols and meaning in a human society in which there are norms and values about social relationships and attitudes that become the identity of the communities concerned. Both classical and kontenporer perspective recognizes that culture is a self-identity that will differentiate with other nations. Therefore there should be a hereditary preservation so that copyrights, wills, and human works are not lost.

Factors That Cause the Cultural Shift

The causes that originated from the community itself are:
1. Increasing or decreasing population.
2. The existence of new discoveries.
3. Community opposition
4. The occurrence of rebellion or revolution.

The sources from outside the community, namely:
1. The causes that originated from the physical environment that surrounds human.
2. War
3. Effect of culture in other societies.
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culture and tourism

In this era of globalization (kesejagadan) such as archaeological remains now occupy important positions. This is not because of the physical form of buildings of archaeological objects but rather reflected the values of these archaeological objects. Various archaeological resources in many countries has aroused researchers, lovers of culture, lover of antiques and unique culture to come and witness the remains of the past.

In the centuries to the Roman Emperor 3-4 Horodatus has lured the uniqueness of the region remains in Egypt. Similarly, during the XV-XVI centuries Renaisanse many Europeans who came to the archaeological remains either from Europe or in the outer region. Even buildings that resemble a mountain in Sumaria called zigurat has attracted experts from Sweden, England and others.

Piles of stone that menggunduk at Borobudur, Prambanan, Sewu and others have been of special interest to the Dutch experts to re-establish the building during the dark days before the war. Ancestral remains in the form of the megalithic tradition and other archaeological remains has become a tourism potential. Basis of tourism development is the potential of cultural resources, cultural diversity, art and natural charm.

Arkeolgi tourism development via the object must be implemented through local empowerment approach (community-based tourism development). Megalithic tradition in the use of Pagar Alam to tourism to keep in mind the views Setiyawati Edi said that tourism development must be supported by the culture industry.

Cultural industry is anything that produces a product of cultural messages. This means that the product serves as a means of delivery of messages that can influence the thinking of understanding, penganggapan, attitude, bias and appetite in humans who consume it (Edi Sedyawati, 2003). The result, among other books, films, tapes and other music. For those reasons, in promoting tourism in Pagar Alam need books or movie information and other information materials.

Thus the local community as the beneficiary can and want to learn, know, understand and utilize cultural resources (megalithic tradition) Pagar Alam. Besides directly book can also be used by policy makers as a reference and the handle in the management of cultural resources in this megalithic tradition Pagar Alam. To obtain knowledge of the megalithic tradition packaging Pagar Alam, need for tourism research of archaeological objects (Archaeological torism).

Progress is based on archaeological tourism can be witnessed in many countries including Egypt, China, India, Cambodia Object Tourist Destination (destination) because it basically focuses on the tourism attractiveness of the object ie the uniqueness, rarity, scarcity, splendor, privileges, etc. . Megalithic tradition Pagar Alam has the quality and quantity that meets the requirements of tourism.

Pagar Alam archaeological remains can basically be used for improving the economy through tourism. Tourism market aimed at cultural and archaeological resources is very diverse. Prentice (1993) argues that the market segment of tourism can be divided into 5 categories:

1. A group of researchers among academic / scientific (educated visitirs)
2. Professional groups
3. Family group
4. Groups of students / schools
5. Travellers with nostalgia motivation.

The five groups of tourists are related to the utilization of cultural resources and archaeological resources with huge potential in addition to emphasizing the natural attractions of beauty / natural charm. Business tourism, business tourism can be distinguished which can be grouped into the scale of the reach of primary and secondary coverage scale. Primary range covers domestic tourism. Archaeological remains in Pagar Alam apparently can be grouped into two primary and secondary coverage. Because of the reach of primary and secondary coverage of each region or country that can promote tourism through archaeological resources must consider these
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culture and Education 2

Meaning of the importance of the past in the life of the nation has been said by Sartono Kartodirdjo (1968) as follows:

"The Sekaran is actually none other than the continuation

or extension of the past, which in many

shapes are still visible in the middle of us. Various

circumstances and problems today are not possible

completely understandable, if not known background

historical, is the origin, perkembanganya on

time ago "

The statement has maksut that the various values of life, the noble who lived in the present, as will develop in the future is essentially a form of continuity from the indigo-life and the noble nation in the past. Past noble values that are noble civilization should imitate. To learn, know, recognize and understand the value of past life it is necessary to increase the knowledge of things past through educational channels.

In a business introduction, understanding and penghayatqan to values that never existed then the need for packaging information and the process of understanding that must be pursued through education starting from the earliest proteges. Teaching and learning process through education, culture and archeology should be placed as a result perwujutan copyrighted works, and intention to enhance the dignity of our ancestors, the degree and dignity of the nation, improving quality of life of the nation, strengthen its identity and personality strengthen self-esteem and national pride.

The success of education not only creates an intelligent man but must also consider the probable and moral nation that can only be done with the planting of indigo-noble values of the nation. Education that works is that can menstrasfer noble values of the past in the life of nation and state.

Thus the importance of cultural and archaeological remains of prehistoric termaksut in Pagar Alam, has been the object of teaching and learning materials at the level of S1 to S3. archaeological remains in Pagar Alam has been a concern for scientists in the field of prehistoric archeology in particular and general culture.

Through education, the various mysteries surrounding the archaeological remains are known, known, understood, and expect to be used secarqa maximum. With education the results of the past remains in Pagar Alam can enrich the national kebudayan. Even the culture of the past in Pagar Alam, which contains the value of the noble life can be utilized in developing nations (nation building), this agrees with the view RP.soejono who said that "the sense of beloging" reasonable owned by masrarakat who wants to build his own.

Megalithic remains in Pagar Alam role in strengthening the culture of toughness and resilience of nations that bermura on cultural identity (cultural identity). Even a role in forming the whole Indonesian business. Noble values contained in the megalithic Pagar Alam based on the spirit of togetherness and mutual cooperation. Grahame Clark said that "a way to find archaeological objects that are tangible memento of the history of ground water has been successfully present the evidence needed to strengthen the" sense of belonging "."

Education refers to the nation's culture has a strong frame to strengthen jadidiri of personality, a sense of unity and cohesion, unity and mutual assistance and other more mainstream of development that focuses only on purely economic. This does not mean that development which aims to improve economic needs are not important. Development-oriented nation and highlight the culture are expected to do well. This can be witnessed on Japanese businesses to build their country. In the late Meiji era reforms to the nineteenth centuries Japan has made the modernization of the culture to maintain the independence of the country.

Another example of Prime Minister Mahatir Muhammad tried to cultivate cultural values in the form of "diligence, discipline, loyalty, the promotion of interst group rather than individual, high quality and good management system in bussinis" as the process of civilizing the nations wither and enhance their competitiveness . (Moeljarto, in 2002). Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi has been put copyrighted works and wills of their nation. Rhodesia had become Zimbabwe menguba the name of the country by exploiting arkeologinya sala-one remains to be used as unifying the nation. From these examples, the region with its rich cultural Pagar Alam and arkeologinya can encourage the progress of society.

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culture and Education

Megalithic tradition remains is information about the life of our ancestors past with all its aspects. With archeology can be proved that the Indonesian nation was still allied with bangadi Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Filifina, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and others. With archeology (megalithic tradition) can be seen that the nations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific having a cultural and linguistic heritage of the nation which is the Austronesian language speakers.

With evidence of a relationship culture, language and beliefs will be utilized in fostering friendship, unity and unity among nations in Southeast Asia and even enhance friendship and peace between them. Megalithic tradition remains can be used as one criterion that a nation (Bansa Indonesia) have equality with the nations of the Asia Tenggfara bansa even in the world. As evidence remains arkeoligi form of Borobudur temple, and the site of a filter has been appointed as a world heritage (world haritage) which of course the nation of Indonesia.

Inca culture and civilization in America is a nation remains the world has memberiakn kesohoran and kebanggaaan nation. Similarly, in China Great Wall became the world's attention is good for scientists, researchers and tourists. Even in this era of technological progress that has been accomplished cangih western nations have had bound them in a vicious circle of life as a robot, they were saturated and empty meaningless lives eventually lose much of their personality and identity, they lived without restraint as an escape boredom and emptiness. In such circumstances, many citizens of developed countries who wanted to find identity and genuine personality. Because the identity and personality and originality can only be found on archaeological objects, then they mencarin on archaeological remains which is considered as an origin (David, 2001).

Termaksut archaeological remains of megalithic tradition has given the spirit of national culture and art. Various forms of the work of various ethnic groups pahar field of art, painting, carving and others are always given "identity" by archeology (megalithic) on the works of Indonesia. For example other forms of decorative patterns of the past from prehistoric times, provides a strong inspiration in the works of art of various tribes of Indonesia. It can be seen in the Land of Batak, Minangkabau, South Sumatra, Lampung, Toraja, Borneo, and others. Decorative geometric patterns, patterns of flora and fauna HIA and natural objects from the development of the megalithic tradition alive and growing until recently. Through the noble values contained in the megalithic tradition which developed in Pagar Alam and other places in Indonesia, which is expected to give way regionalism as a vehicle for unifying the nation. This can be done with reference to the policy are:

1. Eliminating the major cultural characteristics of minority groups are different, made into a kind of national culture.
2. Required the creation of national loyalty by not eliminating various kinds of local culture or policy of "Unity in Diversity" (Kodiran, 2003).

Experts say that many community development and nation, or commonly called the "whole Indonesian nation-building" should be based on a "cultural nation" (termaksut archaeological therein). Such views will lead to the desire and suggest the existence of interest to recognize, know, understand and create the culture and build the nation together with attention to its cultural roots. Cultural and archaeological knowledge (termaksut megalithic) is currently experiencing dynamic and continuous process in the sense of what has been produced in the past will be sustainable in the present and even future. The basic principle of this continuous process that gave birth to a desire to know kepurbaklaan or past peoples and cultures.

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culture and ideology

Fences Megalithic Nature and Ideology

Pagar Alam archaeological remains can be utilized in improving the lives of the nation and state to build the nation and to enhance a sense of belonging as dikemukankan by (Grahame Clark) "in a way to find archaeological objects that are tangible memento of the history of ground water has been successfully presents the evidence needed to strengthen the "sense of belonging" (Clark, 1960). Archaeological and cultural experts such as Haryati Soebadio, edi Setyawati, R, P, Soejono, (Grahame Clark), has placed the archaeological remains as a result of the work, inventiveness, taste and strength, and intention that is the pride and priceless. It contains archaeological remains noble values, so it can maintain friendships, have evidence that can strengthen the identity and personality, strengthen the resilience of culture and others. Therefore, according to experts containing archaeological remains noble values should imitate.

Referring to the view in Sedyawati edi-day seminar on "culture of research and development strategy in Indonesia," states that "the life of the nation remains nuanced and based on past history" can be taken here that the remains of archaeological significance be one of support and hope that the archaeological remains is smoke which is very important for the current revival of this nation in a state collapsed. Sebgai remains the nation's cultural heritage, archaeological remains in Batang already included in the assets of the State and have been put in an authentic interpretation of the 1945 Constitution which says "national culture is the culture that arises as the fruit of the cultivation of all Indonesian people. Long as the original culture and the cultural peaks in the regions throughout Indonesia as of the cultural nation.

Cultural development effort should lead towards the progress of civilized, cultural unity by not rejecting the new materials from foreign cultures that can develop or enrich their own national culture and the heightens the degree of humanity Indonesian nation. "Thus it can be concluded that the remains of the megalithic tradition or perasejarah Natural fencing is a multi-function remains, among others, to strengthen the identity and personality, national pride, confidence, unity, progress adap, culture, and so this lain.hal still can be proven in various regions when a large stone building society membangub eg Toraja, Sumba, Sabu, and others. Identity and personality in landasi noble values should be in the Model to form the nation's personal life and children who can be accountable.

Leon Portilla an expert from Mexico said that a nation which has no identity and personality, that the people will be swayed by keingginan laindan nation's most dangerous nation is easy tuduk reflect. Thus, identity and personality noble nation must be able to continue in the Model and in the next kegenerasi. Megalithic tradition that remains is the result of culture fathers must be a trigger to increase the sense of belonging (sense of belonging) that are critical in nation-building (nation building) as in the saying by Grahame Clark.

Archaeological remains have the sublime values of life are manifest in the nature of mutual cooperation, togetherness, unity, tolerance, mutual help, feel kinship sepenanggungan and others. This is a part of life that reflects the identity and personality. Personality nation has grown and developed since thousands of years ago. In the process of construction of large stones to worship, and the burial may not be made without the landasi by solidarity, mutual cooperation, unity, tolerance, mutual aid and other help.

Era of globalization, which causes the influence of "Americanization" growing cause negative cultural life. Even cultural globalization is making the nations of the world and Indonesia in particular get a bad impact. This must be based on immediate "resistance" is to look for, find (reidentifikasi) or revive (revitalization) nation noble values, reflected and embodied in culture and archeology. Thus the culture children are expected to be the nation back to the original kesifat precious and valuable cultural greatness. True nature does not mean outdated. Archaeological resources in Pagar Alam Pasemah particular and in general as well as archaeological remains elsewhere Indonesias mempuyai strengths in various aspects:

* Increase self-esteem and confidence
* Enhance national pride
* Improve and strengthen the identity and personality
* Increase the idea of friendship
* Increase sense of belonging (sense of belonging)
* Increase the sense of nation building (nation building)
* Enhance national unity

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