madrasah diniyah degradation

The essence of human beings "homo religious" man who is religious. Psycologis socially, people in her life takes a hold of religion. Because they recognize the existence of the One who is God Almighty who became backrest life for everyone who believed. For those who believe, believe in the God who made the earth, sky and its contents, including humans, then he will realize that he is a weak creature he will always try to draw closer to Him.
Thus the means / vehicle for galvanizing, makes a strong believers and Muslims, Islamic education required a, so that he could devote his life in a totality of Allah SWT, which is in accordance with Islamic Shari'a.

Pesantren and Madrasah Diniyah is an Islamic educational institution of departure / origin of the educational model of the mosque and the mosque, which was then in accordance with its development into a model whose system no longer madrasa halaqoh / wetonan but the model of classical systems. Therefore the existence of the madrasas is very necessary and needed in the middle of the Indonesian community that Homo Religious, whose goal is nothing else to print the man who is faithful and devoted in order to realize the ideals of the Indonesian people is to build a whole person.
ولو أن أهل القرى آمنوا واتقوا لفتحنا عليهم بركات من السماء والأرض ولكن كذبوا فأخذناهم بما كانوا يكسبون
Translation: "If the city residents if faithful and devoted, we will bestow to them the blessings of heaven and earth."

Departing from the urgency of the above, whether for personal, student, teacher, manager for the establishment of madrassas and the whole human development. Thus, madrasa Diniyah dimenej should be sought so that their management as well as possible, so do not lose just mastering the religious sciences but also supported the sciences, in order to become an educator / professional printer, capable of transferring a values noble, good for civilization / triumph of Islam Seta happiness in the hereafter.
المحافظة على التقديم الصالح والأجذعلى الجديد الأصلاح
"Preserving the old things better and take the new good."

At the current era of globalization demands of the communities want their children not only smart to take your lessons alone or control the religious sciences, but also to master the science-general science collaboration means (a combination of religious sciences and general knowledge is necessary) so that later he was able to achieve world-happiness hereafter. UNESCO launched the first. Learning to be second. Lerning to do 3. Lerning to know 4. Learning to live together. If the above four pillars of education achieved by the madrasa Diniyah then automatically people will applaud and enthusiastic about Diniyah madrasa. (Madrasah Diniyah can take people's hearts.

فخلظ رواةالعلم وإصحب حيادهم وصحبتهم زين وخلطتهم غنم
"Padukanlah various sciences and friends with the people of expert knowledge."
But if we observe about the madrasas Diniyah around us nowadays, rarely follow what about the four pillars of UNESCO proclaimed education. Also following the PP 55 of 2007 concerning the standardization Diniyah madrasa education. So could cause the decrease of the credibility of public trust Diniyah madrasa education. They consider that the madrasa education model Diniyah is people who can not follow the outskirts of the times, gradually madrasa Diniyah Nurul Hidayah in particular, generally the other will be left out of society, it will automatically become degraded.

However, if Madrasah Diniyah Sembung twisted Ngronggot respond to what has been declared UNESCO about the four pillars of education and also respond to PP 55 th 2001 then, inshaAllah Madrasah Nurul Hidayah Diniyah Ngronggot twisted remains exis and earn the trust of the community, because its output will be ready for use . And no doubt more in the future will be a flagship Madrasah

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