lyrics light on david cook

David Cook - Light on

never really said to much
afraid it wouldnt be enough
just tryin to keep my spirits up
when theres no point in greevin'

it doesn't matter anyway
the words could never make me stay
words can never take my place
when you know im leavin'

try to leave the light on when i'm gone
something i rely on to get home
one i can feel at night a naked light
a fire to keep warm

try to leave the light on when i'm gone
even in the daylight shine on
and when its late at night you can look inside
and you wont feel so alone

you know we have been down that road
what seems a thousend times before
my back to a closing door
and my eyes to the season
it rolls out underneath my heals
and you dont know how bad it feels
being the only one i've ever believed in

back to CHORUS;
ooh yeaaaah
sometimes it feels like we've run out of luck
when the signal keeps on breaking up
when the wires cross in my brain
you'll start my heart again
when i come around
yeah yeah yeah

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