Teaching Methods in kindergarten.

Basically a lot of methods that can be used by teachers to convey the material in teaching and learning activities in kindergarten, some of which are as follows

1. Storytelling Method
This method is a way in which children are invited to imagine / fantasize embodied in receptive language skills and ekspretif. This can cause for children who have less / no notice will not always answer, but another for children and can express who watched closely the course of the story, he will be able to answer and can express pendapatkannya about the story has been told by the teacher.
Therefore, the authors tried to apply the method of the story with props, especially the media image series, the purpose of giving this story so that there is no intention or level of language proficiency of children.
So the method of story telling is a way of giving lessons with the lighting and narrative orally by the teacher to student. The role of students in this method is to listen carefully the lessons presented by teachers.
a. Goodness lecture method (story):
1. To introduce the principal - the principal major point put forward new thoughts
2. Arouse students' interest and passion

b. Weaknesses lecture method (story):
1. When children do not listen closely, it will be easily forgotten
2. If teachers taught him that the whole pattern is dominated by descriptions and a one way (one way), then students will get bored quickly

As for step - step in to tell a story with a series of media images is as follows:
1. Teachers prepare a series of stories with the media image
2. Teachers set the child seat
3. Teachers start the story with the media image series
4. The teacher finished telling, children are invited to retell the story with a series of media images.

2. Demonstration method.
Method demonstration can be done by teachers, other people or children to take the entire class. Method demonstration is a way of teaching by showing an actual or an object model. Other things that can be shown is how to use a tool or a series of experiments. In this method the performance is developed students' ability to observe, classify, draw conclusions, apply concepts, principles or procedures and mengkonsumsikan to students - other students

3. Permaianan method
Permaianan method is a way of presenting teaching materials through various forms of the game. The game can be referred to the puzzle, pictorial boards (a type of snake ladder), a secret box picture cards made by students or teachers. This method can be used to provide compelling experiences for students in understanding a concept, reinforcing the concept that has been understood, or solve a problem. This method is useful because it can develop intrinstik motivation, provide opportunities to practice making decisions, and develop emotional control when winning and losing, as well as more interesting and fun making it easier for students to understand the materials presented. Thus the learning objectives will be achieved indirectly.

4. Method FAQ
Question and answer method is a way of presenting teaching materials through various forms of questions answered by students. This method is often used in teaching and learning together with other methods. This FAQ can be done at the beginning, the middle or at the end of the lesson activities. Questions and answers are often conducted to determine the extent of teaching materials that are or have been discussed was understood students. From the results the teacher can clarify the question and answer or stretch students' understanding of a lesson materials. In this method could be developed include the ability to submit and decide the question and communicate.

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