cultural changes

Surakarta is a dynamic city culture in social change. This cultural city is rich with art and cultural activities which are recognized by the international community. One form of art that still exists today is the art of batik. Batik is one of the inherited tradition that is currently evolving to adjust to the times. Activities batik is still contextually, especially in Surakarta. Today, the government tried to turn the industrial centers in Surakarta with the title batik kampung kampung batik which is expected this will be the hallmark of the city of Surakarta city batik industry. Batik Surakarta, also has a share in the struggle of the Indonesian nation.

As a form of art, batik was closely associated with socio-cultural conditions. As revealed by Janet Wolff (1981) that art is a social production. Contained within the ideology of art production. Works of art in individual and collective poles. Because it emphatically Wolff stated that the artists work is not in the mood terioslasi of social and political situation (1991:27). This indicates that the growing and berkembanganya related to sociocultural conditions.

The development of batik as an art work is also not free from socio-cultural conditions of art production backdrop. Batik motif was also arise due to socio-cultural changes. For example, the motive appears related to the business machete Panembahan Senopati to have its own cultural characteristics when he removed himself from power Pajang. Because a lot of inspiration Senopati Panembahan Parangkusuma, parang motif is created from these Parangkusuma said. This motif was then developed according to demands of the times so that it appears the motive derivation barong machete like a machete, machete suspect, machetes win, and so forth (Sarwono, 2005). Histrosi emergence of social nuance motive has not been much studied and considered the experts.

Picture of social change that is reflected in batik needs to be studied to increase understanding about the motives of those who will eventually lift the value of batik and as evidence of the creative process and the creation of a work of art to gain world recognition.

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