Language Skills Ability

1. Language Development Goals
In accordance with the Special Development methodical proficiency in kindergarten (Department of Education, 1996:3), development of proficiency in kindergarten students aim to be able to communicate verbally with the environment. Environment is the environment, among others, peers, friends playing, adults both in school, at home and the neighbors around her house.

2. Language Development Function
In a methodical Books Special Language Capability Development in kindergarten (Department of Education, 1996: 3) Function proficiency development for kindergarten children, among others:
a.. As a means of communicating with the environment.
b. As a tool to develop children's intellectual ability.
c. As a tool for developing children expressions.
d. As a means to express feelings and ideas to others. "

3. Scope of Language Ability.
In accordance with Outline - Outline of Learning Activities Program Taman Kanak - Kanak (GBPKB - TK), (Depsikbud, 2004: 4) in the development of language proficiency is structured in such a way that it can meet the needs of children. The scope of the development of language ability are as follows:
a. Imitating back sequence number, the sequence of words (auditory training).
b. Following a few commands at once.
c. Uses and can answer the question what, why, where, a few, how and so forth.
d. Speaks fluently with simple sentences.
e. Sing a few songs the kids

The development is aimed at ensuring children are able to express thoughts through simple language appropriately, able to communicate effectively and intriguing to be able to properly speak Indonesian.

In the execution capability that can be expected to be achieved gradually and repeatedly according to the abilities of children. Ability can be seen its success at the end of learning. Program of learning activities is achieved through the options in accordance with environmental themes that children and other activities that support the capability to be developed.

Implementation of all abilities, whether the ability of the formation and behavior of basic skills, can not be separated with the use of language, of course, the language of good and true, and so terinovasi learners to develop the language skills abilities. Fun and meaningful learning for students at all necessary efforts in order for the creative, innovate, berkolaboratif with all the citizens and the environment is especially dilingkunagn kindergarten, to create media or facilities in order to achieve the optimal goal.

Skills is one of the capabilities and potential that exists in every child, in order to develop optimal potential of such capabilities it needs to be given basic skills through training and guidance. Learning the language is also directed to sharpen students' sentiment that is able to understand the information conveyed is directly or indirectly.

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