4 healthy 5 perfect

Creation and creativity in the activities of four healthy dish to serve five perfect. So we need in society or when we went kejenjang higher. In four healthy dish to serve five perfect like: white rice, vegetable soup macroni, spicy fried chicken, apples, and ice-degan. That perluadanya consensus from group members. Therefore, in a dish to serve four perfectly healthy five very useful are: increased energy, imune system and also maintain good health. Another no longer in penghidangannya nini not only food but the drinks will also be required, nor five perfect healthy dish 4 is very nutritious and also very beneficial for our bodies.

purpose :

- To increase our insight
- Provide an appreciation of the skills
- In order to be responsible for what we do
- To be able to cook various foods
- Applying the principles of cooperation within group
- Presents a wide variety of foods

Finally on art duties this time, we all succeeded in making the planning proposals menyelaikan kertakes practice exam that is to serve a perfect dish 4 5 perfectly healthy.
We make this Perencenaan based on the opinion / approval of the members of our group.
Consider and review of some criticisms, and suggestions from friends - a friend or teacher concerned, if there is no criticism and suggestions from friends - friends we may not be able to complete all tasks by as much as possible this kertakes.

A. Suggestion
In serving food apretiation 4 5 perfectly healthy. Dish of food and beverages served, must be varied, nutritious, nutritious and healthful.

B. Criticism
In practice makanana and beverage serving four perfectly healthy five consisting of: rice, laukpauk, vegetables - vegetables. Fruit - fruits and also added to the milk. Adjusted dengsan other foods and beverages.

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