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Megalithic tradition remains is information about the life of our ancestors past with all its aspects. With archeology can be proved that the Indonesian nation was still allied with bangadi Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Filifina, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and others. With archeology (megalithic tradition) can be seen that the nations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific having a cultural and linguistic heritage of the nation which is the Austronesian language speakers.

With evidence of a relationship culture, language and beliefs will be utilized in fostering friendship, unity and unity among nations in Southeast Asia and even enhance friendship and peace between them. Megalithic tradition remains can be used as one criterion that a nation (Bansa Indonesia) have equality with the nations of the Asia Tenggfara bansa even in the world. As evidence remains arkeoligi form of Borobudur temple, and the site of a filter has been appointed as a world heritage (world haritage) which of course the nation of Indonesia.

Inca culture and civilization in America is a nation remains the world has memberiakn kesohoran and kebanggaaan nation. Similarly, in China Great Wall became the world's attention is good for scientists, researchers and tourists. Even in this era of technological progress that has been accomplished cangih western nations have had bound them in a vicious circle of life as a robot, they were saturated and empty meaningless lives eventually lose much of their personality and identity, they lived without restraint as an escape boredom and emptiness. In such circumstances, many citizens of developed countries who wanted to find identity and genuine personality. Because the identity and personality and originality can only be found on archaeological objects, then they mencarin on archaeological remains which is considered as an origin (David, 2001).

Termaksut archaeological remains of megalithic tradition has given the spirit of national culture and art. Various forms of the work of various ethnic groups pahar field of art, painting, carving and others are always given "identity" by archeology (megalithic) on the works of Indonesia. For example other forms of decorative patterns of the past from prehistoric times, provides a strong inspiration in the works of art of various tribes of Indonesia. It can be seen in the Land of Batak, Minangkabau, South Sumatra, Lampung, Toraja, Borneo, and others. Decorative geometric patterns, patterns of flora and fauna HIA and natural objects from the development of the megalithic tradition alive and growing until recently. Through the noble values contained in the megalithic tradition which developed in Pagar Alam and other places in Indonesia, which is expected to give way regionalism as a vehicle for unifying the nation. This can be done with reference to the policy are:

1. Eliminating the major cultural characteristics of minority groups are different, made into a kind of national culture.
2. Required the creation of national loyalty by not eliminating various kinds of local culture or policy of "Unity in Diversity" (Kodiran, 2003).

Experts say that many community development and nation, or commonly called the "whole Indonesian nation-building" should be based on a "cultural nation" (termaksut archaeological therein). Such views will lead to the desire and suggest the existence of interest to recognize, know, understand and create the culture and build the nation together with attention to its cultural roots. Cultural and archaeological knowledge (termaksut megalithic) is currently experiencing dynamic and continuous process in the sense of what has been produced in the past will be sustainable in the present and even future. The basic principle of this continuous process that gave birth to a desire to know kepurbaklaan or past peoples and cultures.

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