Culture Distribution in Indonesia

One of the interesting findings artefaktural (archaeological remains) is the finding remains megalith Pagaralam Pasemah type. (South Sumatra). Megalith Pasemah has this unique characteristic that grow and grow because of the influence lingkunga, knowledge, creativity and dynamic thinking supporters. In the archaeological significance of the megaliths have the role, function and persebaranya. Other megalithic Tingalan called "dynamic strongly agitated" (Geldern, 1945) which became the main characteristic has also given instructions to her and the relationship between culture (ancestors of) a region with another region in Indonesia. Arca Pasmah type is determined also in Lampung and Batang regency (Central Java). This is understandable because kalangsungan very old megalithic tradition. Megalithic tradition always be changing and moving dynamically as supported by advanced technology and creativity of its maker. Megalithic tradition of natural fences are pusta culture and civilization that managed to spread its influence to various regions in Indonesia. Can be said that the megalithic tradition Pasemah has produced a dynamic characteristic of the megalithic objects that are advanced (sophisticated).

In 1967 Loofs argues that the megalithic contains many problems. In his book he called the megalithic tradition as "He enigme de la plus grande prehistorie" having problems, among others, about the origin, existence, distribution, and cultural advocates. (Loofs, 1967). Pagar Alam megalithic tradition contribute to solving these problems. The result of research the author had found evidence of activity of the megalithic tradition Pagar Alam, which arrived in the area of Lampung and even in Java.

Megalithic tradition supporters who live in the highlands (the southern part of Batang) apparently still in touch with the natural fence. Pagar Alam megalithic tradition is the basis and reference for the statues in the manufacture of Batang. The shape and style of statues found in progenitor stem is influenced by knowledge and technological development megalithic Pagar Alam. Human figures riding elephants, characterized Pagar Alam became a reference for the community to create a means of worship Trunk. Elephant statues found in Lapung also have characteristics that are not much different from the culture of Pagar Alam.

The findings in the form of megalithic statues of human figures and animals in Lampung and in bars indicate that the spread of megalithic Pagar Alam is so strong. Another possibility supporters of the megalithic tradition gradually make the shift toward the east, through Lampung, West Java to Central Java North continues to hold even Jawah the Middle East. The concept of trust that in the megalithic profess that refers to the worship of ancestral spirits (ancestor waourship) is so strong. The distribution of megalithic tradition Pagar Alam increasingly eastwards away from the center will experience a depreciation of the quality and quantity. Estimated a megalithic been growing in other regions, but because of the influence of environmental and public mindset then form megaliths were to change, even as characterized in various places.

Directly or indirectly supporting the megalithic tradition who live in high datarang Pasemah never touch (contact) with the megalithic tradition in Lampung and Bar (Central Java).

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