culture and Education 2

Meaning of the importance of the past in the life of the nation has been said by Sartono Kartodirdjo (1968) as follows:

"The Sekaran is actually none other than the continuation

or extension of the past, which in many

shapes are still visible in the middle of us. Various

circumstances and problems today are not possible

completely understandable, if not known background

historical, is the origin, perkembanganya on

time ago "

The statement has maksut that the various values of life, the noble who lived in the present, as will develop in the future is essentially a form of continuity from the indigo-life and the noble nation in the past. Past noble values that are noble civilization should imitate. To learn, know, recognize and understand the value of past life it is necessary to increase the knowledge of things past through educational channels.

In a business introduction, understanding and penghayatqan to values that never existed then the need for packaging information and the process of understanding that must be pursued through education starting from the earliest proteges. Teaching and learning process through education, culture and archeology should be placed as a result perwujutan copyrighted works, and intention to enhance the dignity of our ancestors, the degree and dignity of the nation, improving quality of life of the nation, strengthen its identity and personality strengthen self-esteem and national pride.

The success of education not only creates an intelligent man but must also consider the probable and moral nation that can only be done with the planting of indigo-noble values of the nation. Education that works is that can menstrasfer noble values of the past in the life of nation and state.

Thus the importance of cultural and archaeological remains of prehistoric termaksut in Pagar Alam, has been the object of teaching and learning materials at the level of S1 to S3. archaeological remains in Pagar Alam has been a concern for scientists in the field of prehistoric archeology in particular and general culture.

Through education, the various mysteries surrounding the archaeological remains are known, known, understood, and expect to be used secarqa maximum. With education the results of the past remains in Pagar Alam can enrich the national kebudayan. Even the culture of the past in Pagar Alam, which contains the value of the noble life can be utilized in developing nations (nation building), this agrees with the view RP.soejono who said that "the sense of beloging" reasonable owned by masrarakat who wants to build his own.

Megalithic remains in Pagar Alam role in strengthening the culture of toughness and resilience of nations that bermura on cultural identity (cultural identity). Even a role in forming the whole Indonesian business. Noble values contained in the megalithic Pagar Alam based on the spirit of togetherness and mutual cooperation. Grahame Clark said that "a way to find archaeological objects that are tangible memento of the history of ground water has been successfully present the evidence needed to strengthen the" sense of belonging "."

Education refers to the nation's culture has a strong frame to strengthen jadidiri of personality, a sense of unity and cohesion, unity and mutual assistance and other more mainstream of development that focuses only on purely economic. This does not mean that development which aims to improve economic needs are not important. Development-oriented nation and highlight the culture are expected to do well. This can be witnessed on Japanese businesses to build their country. In the late Meiji era reforms to the nineteenth centuries Japan has made the modernization of the culture to maintain the independence of the country.

Another example of Prime Minister Mahatir Muhammad tried to cultivate cultural values in the form of "diligence, discipline, loyalty, the promotion of interst group rather than individual, high quality and good management system in bussinis" as the process of civilizing the nations wither and enhance their competitiveness . (Moeljarto, in 2002). Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi has been put copyrighted works and wills of their nation. Rhodesia had become Zimbabwe menguba the name of the country by exploiting arkeologinya sala-one remains to be used as unifying the nation. From these examples, the region with its rich cultural Pagar Alam and arkeologinya can encourage the progress of society.

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