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what's wrong with education in Indonesia? ". Is there a "less wrong" with education in Indonesia. But definitely a very noticeable is the cost of education in Indonesia is very expensive. This causes a lot of Indonesian citizens who have dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. But whether that is the sole cause of dropping out of school? Because in other places also found the number of students who nearly dropped out of school has a high motivation to continue their education. Many who moonlighted to supplement the family income to be able schools. But if the spirit is enough?

When the spirit has been able to overcome adversity on the one hand, new challenges emerge that are "external". Education system in our beloved country looks a little "weird" with standardisasinya system. Many students who are quite accomplished with the amazing physics subjects did not pass because the value of Indonesian language under the standard. This reminds the writer's childhood who loved art and music in English but is weak in math and physics, should be "forced" to follow lessons for the study of physics and mathematics, and "leave" the art of music and English. When it comes to questions from the author's mind, "why am I not allowed to take an interest and talent, but instead was forced to love and be proficient on an entirely outside the territory of interest and my talent? Is this not even be a murder of interests, talents and creativity? "If you like this, how could a student has a passion from within to school. Instead of the spirit but the "coercion". The author is hoping a system of majors that started in the seventh grade level (secondary school). So since junior high school students have started to be directed in accordance with the interests and talents of each. In this way, then the younger generation has been the focus of their interests and talents can be sehingg tenag cadres of the Indonesian nation's experts.

The mass media often preach how terrible the unequal educational facilities. Lots of schools labeled "Public Schools" whose condition is very worrying. On the other hand there are many state schools which have facilities that are established to support education. A question occurred to where education subsidies are said to evenly? Indeed, for an archipelago like Indonesia, has a difficulty level for distribution of goods and services. Perhaps this is one of the main causes of the many that cause less unequal distribution of subsidies to the regions.

Another obstacle which, according to a very influential writer is moral. Moral education culture in this country according to the author about getting the right portions for the younger generation to create a moral and qualified. It also added a lack of parental attention in shaping the moral development of students. Not a few Indonesian students who caught the case of drugs, rape / abuse, violence and fighting in a brawl and some even lead to murder and others. Is this the culture of Indonesia? Plus a lot of students who are "prestige" with its own culture, many students are anti-native Java with traditional art which in their view are outdated. Therefore, the authors very much hope there is special attention for cultivation of moral values and culture since early in the standard educational curriculum so that when graduate students in Indonesia had a soul to the soul of a truly civilized Indonesian children.

To Indonesian education is education which should have noble souls Indonesian cultural traits which are actually native cultures that have a level of upper-class culture. Indonesia is a country that has a very diverse cultural patterns. So it should be in preparing for the standardized national educational curriculum, the government not only adopted from other countries which have very clear ideology, social conditions, economy and culture very different from Indonesia. It would be nice if there are adjustments to the conditions of Indonesian society itself without leaving the original character of ideology and culture of the archipelago.

To overcome the existing problems, it was hard to remember the condition of the Indonesian state as has been described earlier writers. Between people and government must create a continuum. The parents should not immediately remove their children is totally left to the school. The mass media should be filtered also need to provide knowledge to parents how to provide moral education and discipline children at home.

In one school environment standardization National Exam. Do not let the UAN is actually even compromising the ability of students who excel. Because not a few outstanding students and have it the name of Indonesia in science competitions are international, have become victims of injustice standardized exam. Therefore, the education system in Indonesia should be able to make and also implements a curriculum based on core competence as a special priority, followed by general ability. Again, this is not easy because of the existence of specific priorities that will require special attention as well. Special attention must also be supported with the availability and smooth distribution of equalization of educational facilities for schools, making it very easy process to learn in school.

So to solve the education problem to Indonesia must have good cooperation between the government (Ministry of Education), curriculum, school, the teachers, parents, and students. And that do not forgotten the perpetrators distribution facilities of education subsidies should be more discipline yourself so that these subsidies to the correct destination.

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