batik motif and indonesian wealth

Orchid motif
Orchid is a flower that became the pride of the Indonesian nation. Orchid is a relationship which are manifold, but typical that the orchid has a beautiful little flower. Astonishment at this anggreks reflected in a flower motif inspired by orchids and orchid motifs are called motifs.

The emergence of this orchid motif is part of the dynamics of Indonesian batik, batik motif that is carrying the cultural and natural wealth of Indonesia. This is a form of cultural openness in the development of Java through the art of batik creations.

Motif Batik RAFLESIA
Other example is wealth of flora fauna of Indonesia into the batik motif is the emergence of RAFLESIA. RAFLESIA is a typical flower is a symbol of community pride Bengkulu because this flower is considered the only giant flower which only exists in Indonesia.
Flowers RAFLESIA a typical flower. Carrion-smelling flowers and only appear at certain times and includes a unique natural wealth of Indonesia. Admiration for this RAFLESIA flowers appear in a motif that highlights RAFLESIA flower picture. Despite the natural wealth of flowers reflesia not Java, but this batik painter felt that such interest should be enshrined in a specific motif called the interest.

motive Bali Banana
Admiration on Indonesia's natural wealth seems to be one trend batik motifs, especially the famous natural wealth. One of the natural wealth that is not famous, but because the island is famous, the natural wealth of the be lifted. This is evident in the motifs of banana Bali.
Some natural resources are often associated with the island of Bali such as oranges and salak Bali Bali. Bali Island is a very famous island. Bananas Balinese batik pattern emerged in order to ride in Bali ketersohoran.

The appearance of this motif is closely associated with religious nuances brought by banana Bali. For the Balinese, Balinese banana represents a significant commodity used in sacred offerings (offerings). Because of the importance, then the commodity is raised in a batik motif. Only, for people outside of Bali did not know about the function and meaning of Balinese banana, can not be merasakah vibration religious meanings carried by these motives.

Indonesia is also rich in natural wealth of the sea. The natural resources of the sea is usually raised by coastal batik-batik, but today it no longer dominates. In Surakarta, batik that highlight the wealth of sea of which is raised by batik dab Dartono work. Work Dartono raises sea shades because the fabric was reserved for beach clothing (sarongs beach). In Surakarta, motifs with images of fish become quite prominent since the more widespread use of batik for various purposes. Examples that highlight the fish motif is the work shirt, Bambang Slameto, S. Sos (owner of ).

Javanese interaction with the natural surroundings can create art that reflects a natural event. One form of art in the form of a peacock dance called the Peacock Dance Ngigel depicting a dancing peacock showing off the beauty of his feathers. This dance is a traditional dance is very well known. This event is also reflected in batik motif depicting the wealth of fauna with the title Java ngigel peacock motif as follows.

Batik Motifs Ngigel Peacock (Peacock Dance)
Ngigel peacock peacock is a picture that is attracting the opposite sex. Having attracted the opposite sex, then there marriage. In the Java language, called karonsih berpadunya love (love mix). Karonsih also become one of a dance that is usually staged in the midst of marital intent. In batik motifs, there are also other motives that are not karonsih is a depiction of two male peacocks are screwing like the following picture.

Picture Motif: Karonsih (Two sex peacock tail).
Natural wealth is also reflected dakam form sources of food and clothing. Normally the term is called food and clothing. Food and clothing is the prosperity of the icons which are generally described in bentukp adi and cotton. In addition to food and clothing, health is also an important thing. In Java terms, this concept referred to as: "cheap food and clothing, fresh sanity" means cheap food and clothing and body healthy.

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