karapan sapi and agriculture

The concept of modern agriculture, sustainable agriculture principles relating to agricultural development associated with agricultural systems without destroying or diminishing the ability of natural resources / Natural Resource. Resistant to stress and shock of agriculture sector. The development of agricultural techniques that preserve the value of local traditions, forms of reflection of natural resource use (SDA) of the present without compromising the ability of efficient long-term resources (future). In essence, is how to provide material
food and adequate food and economical.

(Emil Salim, 2005), Sustainable Development is sustainable development which include the following:
-Switch it from one track development process into a multi track.
Paradigm-shift from short to long term.
-Displace 'the economy as the main obstacle' to 'Ecological K / Main'.
-Displace the goal of development of the 'material' to the natural function of justice.
-Maximization of poverty eradication to replace the welfare of private individuals,

The condition of agricultural land on the island of Madura is quite difficult, because the arid and rarely rains.


Ihan pemul slowness of economic and employment opportunities that are not significant and a good visit. Then the hard flow of information and technology that went without filtration through various aspects / media lead to changes in the values and order of life and the life of nation and state, including changes in the behavior of groups / community groups in general in Madura.
There are at least three things at the level of concept that can explain the Madurese community changes related media as a communication medium beef karapan planting season in the agricultural sector is likely to change, ie
1). David Krech, 1995-1996: "The group tends to experience
changes towards a stable (self-stabilizing changes),
(Group and individual) in st ruktur and leadership as
a consequence of conflict, internal conflict, external forces
and shifts in membership. " 2). In explaining: "Efekt i fi bag
group partly determined by the nature of influence between sal ing
fellow members, like-i style of leadership, dependability and mot ivasi
friendly relations. And, 3). Changes in individual attitudes
essentially, is due to st imulus (stimulus). These changes
can happen easily or be difficult. Changes in attitudes of individuals in the same direction
with the influence and development of knowledge / technology. Changes in attitude
There are also two kinds, Yai tu:
-Change in attitudes in both directions or congruent
-Change in attitude or inkongruen contrary, in this context terl ihat
changes in congruent Madurese community.
Pal ing ing important life is the relationship between the individual and the explanation
l ingkungannya and-effect influence on the changes. According to
David Krech, 1962:183: "Where people are living in the past
time on the mark with a wide range of rapid change, Sei ring
With the change in life, a change in the way
view and interpretation of the norms of life. What had
stored meetings now begin revealed, bi He used to be considered violated
norm now shifted to a common and accepted. "

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