indonesia and cultural shift

Indonesia has many diverse socio-cultural. Specifically, socio-cultural situation in Indonesia is complex, given the Indonesian population numbering more than 200 million people in 30 tribes of unity. Indonesia has 67 parent culture that spread from west to east of the archipelago. Indonesia consists of 6000 inhabitated islands, besides the total of about 13,667 islands. From the above statement can be known that Indonesia is a country which rich with natural resources and overflow cultural resources.

Indonesia is a versatile multi-nation, whether it is a multilingual, multicultural, and multireligious. All that resources, if managed properly can be used as the potential for prosperity for the people and advancing our nation. Culture in the classical perspective was defined by Koentjaraningrat, as a whole system of ideas, actions and results of human work in the framework of community life which made the human identity that is obtained by way of learning.

In that sense, the culture includes everything that is the whole idea, intention, and the work of human beings, including the objects of human creativity and invention. Examples are traditional dance, traditional songs, and other local arts gained by learning. But in a more contemporary anthropological perspective, culture is defined as a system of symbols and meaning in a human society in which there are norms and values about social relationships and attitudes that become the identity of the communities concerned. Both classical and kontenporer perspective recognizes that culture is a self-identity that will differentiate with other nations. Therefore there should be a hereditary preservation so that copyrights, wills, and human works are not lost.

Factors That Cause the Cultural Shift

The causes that originated from the community itself are:
1. Increasing or decreasing population.
2. The existence of new discoveries.
3. Community opposition
4. The occurrence of rebellion or revolution.

The sources from outside the community, namely:
1. The causes that originated from the physical environment that surrounds human.
2. War
3. Effect of culture in other societies.

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