Indonesia painting art, nowadays

Indonesian painting, particularly that labeled with "modern", can not be denied, that its journey, led and oriented to western painting conceptions. Unfortunately, its understanding and concept adaptation, only a little bit and just a pieces. The style and genre, that occurred in the western hemisphere like a recipe with menus, which ready to use. So any form concept that emerged in the West, will be absorbed totally. Today this painting style became an alternative mode, without noticing its coherence with an established culture and rooted culture in Indonesia.
Indonesian painting art nowadays, no longer looking for its identity, but more priority to personal interests. And more refers to the needs of investors and art collectors. Arts was no longer be an expression of personal feelings, but more emphasis on market demand. Aiming to the painting industry products, which seem merely to fullfil the needs of the gallery or workshop. Indonesian Artists should have an obligation to form the style in creating of artwork, which reflects to Indonesia identity.

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