motif KORPRI batik

Motifs used by the organization also reflected the socio-cultural changes that occurred. Motives are voicing changes that occur in these organiasi. This can be seen on batik KORPRI (Staff Corps of the Republic of Indonesia). In the new order, and family members KORPRI is a major supporter GOLKAR (Functional Group). This party is the largest political party which is the main vehicle NEW ORDER. Various suppression and intimidation is given to public servants in order to choose GOLKAR. Among the statement that members who do not choose GOLKAR KORPRI is a traitor because KORPRI leaders have declared loyalty to GOLKAR. Therefore, in KORPRI known monoloyalitas or loyal to only one party that is GOLKLAR.

In this period KORPRI have new uniforms in the form of motifs, based white with a blue motif. Consider the following motives.

Motif on top consisting of lung-lungan and buketan, but which became the main motive is to form a picture badge consisting of a banyan tree, drawing a house and two wings. In the Pancasila, the banyan tree is a symbol of unity. In the pictures, in addition to meaningful unity, the symbol implies that GOLKAR KORPRI is a major supporter. Preview picture of a house reflects the organization or the government of Indonesia where the civil service. So, in terms of symbols, KORPRI silmbol GOLKAR which seemed to take the form of a banyan tree as a symbol of the most important. This will be further confirmed in KORPRI badges.

In 1996, Indonesia experienced a period of reform. There is a current social and political change in various aspects of government. It is increasingly prominent in the arena of government GOLKAR fading. If the New Order period, almost all government officials from GOLAKR, then there was a shift in the reform era. The shift seen from the emergence of officials from various groups, particularly among the party. Cabinet of the Government of Indonesia called Unity Cabinet / Cabinet Mutual Assistance in which every element of society / party could become officials / ministers. This era also marked by the existence of local elections from among the public that government officials were to be varied. This condition then appeared in KORPRI batik motifs. KORPRI batik has removed the element of banyan tree and highlight the main principles of Pancasila as the Indonesian nation. In terms of color, motif batik uniforms during the New Order KORPRI predominantly blue, while the motifs of batik in the reform era was dominated by light green color with a different appearance in blue, green, yellow) with the emphasis on the Pancasila eagle image (core subjects). Consider the following KORPRI batik uniforms.

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