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Fences Megalithic Nature and Ideology

Pagar Alam archaeological remains can be utilized in improving the lives of the nation and state to build the nation and to enhance a sense of belonging as dikemukankan by (Grahame Clark) "in a way to find archaeological objects that are tangible memento of the history of ground water has been successfully presents the evidence needed to strengthen the "sense of belonging" (Clark, 1960). Archaeological and cultural experts such as Haryati Soebadio, edi Setyawati, R, P, Soejono, (Grahame Clark), has placed the archaeological remains as a result of the work, inventiveness, taste and strength, and intention that is the pride and priceless. It contains archaeological remains noble values, so it can maintain friendships, have evidence that can strengthen the identity and personality, strengthen the resilience of culture and others. Therefore, according to experts containing archaeological remains noble values should imitate.

Referring to the view in Sedyawati edi-day seminar on "culture of research and development strategy in Indonesia," states that "the life of the nation remains nuanced and based on past history" can be taken here that the remains of archaeological significance be one of support and hope that the archaeological remains is smoke which is very important for the current revival of this nation in a state collapsed. Sebgai remains the nation's cultural heritage, archaeological remains in Batang already included in the assets of the State and have been put in an authentic interpretation of the 1945 Constitution which says "national culture is the culture that arises as the fruit of the cultivation of all Indonesian people. Long as the original culture and the cultural peaks in the regions throughout Indonesia as of the cultural nation.

Cultural development effort should lead towards the progress of civilized, cultural unity by not rejecting the new materials from foreign cultures that can develop or enrich their own national culture and the heightens the degree of humanity Indonesian nation. "Thus it can be concluded that the remains of the megalithic tradition or perasejarah Natural fencing is a multi-function remains, among others, to strengthen the identity and personality, national pride, confidence, unity, progress adap, culture, and so this lain.hal still can be proven in various regions when a large stone building society membangub eg Toraja, Sumba, Sabu, and others. Identity and personality in landasi noble values should be in the Model to form the nation's personal life and children who can be accountable.

Leon Portilla an expert from Mexico said that a nation which has no identity and personality, that the people will be swayed by keingginan laindan nation's most dangerous nation is easy tuduk reflect. Thus, identity and personality noble nation must be able to continue in the Model and in the next kegenerasi. Megalithic tradition that remains is the result of culture fathers must be a trigger to increase the sense of belonging (sense of belonging) that are critical in nation-building (nation building) as in the saying by Grahame Clark.

Archaeological remains have the sublime values of life are manifest in the nature of mutual cooperation, togetherness, unity, tolerance, mutual help, feel kinship sepenanggungan and others. This is a part of life that reflects the identity and personality. Personality nation has grown and developed since thousands of years ago. In the process of construction of large stones to worship, and the burial may not be made without the landasi by solidarity, mutual cooperation, unity, tolerance, mutual aid and other help.

Era of globalization, which causes the influence of "Americanization" growing cause negative cultural life. Even cultural globalization is making the nations of the world and Indonesia in particular get a bad impact. This must be based on immediate "resistance" is to look for, find (reidentifikasi) or revive (revitalization) nation noble values, reflected and embodied in culture and archeology. Thus the culture children are expected to be the nation back to the original kesifat precious and valuable cultural greatness. True nature does not mean outdated. Archaeological resources in Pagar Alam Pasemah particular and in general as well as archaeological remains elsewhere Indonesias mempuyai strengths in various aspects:

* Increase self-esteem and confidence
* Enhance national pride
* Improve and strengthen the identity and personality
* Increase the idea of friendship
* Increase sense of belonging (sense of belonging)
* Increase the sense of nation building (nation building)
* Enhance national unity

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