karapan sapi and comunication

There are many forms and concepts of communication since ancient times (Ancient) until Today (modern) including Madura either consciously or unconsciously as an aspect communication. American Indian tribal communities and tribes in Madura in Indonesia sometimes ways to communicate naturally and tend to the conventional mystical, far from science and technology but are equally effective results as well as more humane and perhaps according to the multi-faceted

Bull is the Madurese community communications media, for informed during the planting season when the season began to rain, a time when other media such as, TV, radio and print media are still rare. Currently the communication medium beef karapan has moved towards developing the sport aspect and the development of tourism in synergy with other information media, and leave the main aspect agriculture as a natural communication medium. People are more interested in show the cow in the contests and event tourism.
One of the concepts of communication is setting the agenda. Emperis research on the theory Agenda Setting McCombs and Shaw conducted in 1972. They write, among others : "The impact of media on the ability to induce cognitive change among individuals individuals have been dubbed as the agenda setting function of mass communication. Here lies The most important effects of mass communication, the ability of media to create the world structuring we. " McCombs, and Shaw (in Grace, 1988:260).
Agenda Setting Theory begins with an assumption that the mass media to filter the news, article, or writing which will airing. Selectively, editors, editorial staff, even determine which journalists themselves newsworthy and which should
hidden. Any incidents or issues were given particular weight with long presentation
(Time and space), prominence (headline size, location in the newspapers, the frequency appearance, the position in newspapers), and conflict (how to presentation materials). Because readers, viewers and listeners get most information through
mass media, the media agenda relating to the agenda of the community (public agenda).

Known to the public agenda by asking members of society, namely what they think, what they are talking with others, or what they perceive as a problem to attract the attention of the community center (community cilence). In addition to the agenda setting theory, there is a mass communication theory is widely accepted, namely the theory of Social Categorization, The Theory of Social differentiation (Defleur and Ball- Rokeach), in Deddy Mulyana states "social classification can be
based on identity, ethnicity, religion, sex, social class, residence (rural / urban)
and so forth. Various studies involving various social categories such
shows that the membership of people in a particular group raises
an important impact on their behavior.
The principle of this communication seems to have affected the Madurese community behavior, shift in the view karapan cow as a medium of communication in agriculture
Madura. Madurese community in an era of rapid change and globalization demanded
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