madurese paternal religious system2

Therefore, obedience to the Madurese typical figure of the teacher be a marker of their culture (probably) no need to doubt its validity.

Generative cycle of compliance Madurese (as students) to the figure of the teacher was not in itself can be realized as the obedience of children to the figures I and II, father and mother. This condition occurred because not all of Madurese have the opportunity to become teachers figure. Although there were predictive assumption that the teacher figure is probably achieved by pupils because genealogical aspect but in reality can not be certain that every student would become a teacher, following her parents' footsteps. Therefore, the cultural meaning that can be captured is that the Madurese are not enough available free space and opportunity to convert their status to people who always have to behave obedient, submissive, and resigned.

Compliance of the Madurese to figure Rato (government leaders) occupies the fourth hierarchical position. Rato figure achieved by a person from anywhere ─ ─ not because of ethnic origin but because of the success factors genealogical achievement in gaining the status. In reality, not everyone is able or expected Madura opportunity to achieve a position as Rato, except 3 or 4 persons (as the District in Madura) in 5 to 10 years. That was done when it issued new national policy of the Law on Regional Autonomy, in 1999 the newly ago.

Therefore, the opportunity to occupy Rato also figure in the reality of its praxis is a rare condition that is relatively difficult to achieve by the Madurese. In that context can be stated that throughout life Madurese still in a position that always must obey. That subordinate-hegemonic position that hit the individual in Madura ethnic entities.

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