carok and madura culture

Excessive reverence for the dignity and worth of Madura was often the root causes of conflicts and violence. This condition occurred because almost every offense is always ascribed to / or claimed as harassment or humiliation of dignity and their self-esteem. Some young children in overseas ─ Madura usually do not obtain adequate educational opportunities ─ deliberately looked highlight negative images of ethnic communal to scare other people for individual benefit unilaterally.
Another example can be presented on the unique behaviors (absurdity-ethnography) Madurese. "A young man came from remote villages Madura want to watch a football stadium 10 November Surabaya. We will cross the Ferry ride, he bought a ticket officer asked, torn into two, a small tear is returned while the officer retrieved a large tear. Viewing Ferry officer behavior, his mind troubled and uncertain. He went back to buy 2 more tickets at once: 1 sheet given to the officer Ferry while the remaining one sheet hidden in his pants pocket to save his torn officer. With a sense of calm and ternteram heart, he stepped up the deck firmly ... Ferry, to cross ... "

Carok actually a cultural entity sarcasm for Madura. In the history of Madurese, have not known the term mass carok because carok is a duel one on one, and there is prior agreement to do the duel. In fact in its preparation, performed certain rituals before carok progress. Both parties carok actors, both previously received the blessing of their families. Thus, before D-day death duel armed celurit done, at his home organized religion of salvation and the debriefing of recitation. By his family, the perpetrator has been prepared and diikhlaskan carok to be killed.

Many people interpret that any form of violence, both end in death or not, especially those made of Madurese, it carok. In reality, not so. Carok always done by a fellow man in the neighborhood of the villagers. Every time this has happened carok, people talk about who wins and who loses. In his research findings, asserted that in fact carok Wiyata not refer to all forms of violence that occur or do Madurese community, as the opinion of those outside the Madurese for this. Carok as if it were the only act to do those remote villages who are unable to find and select other options in an effort to find solutions when they are experiencing conflict.

Characters that are also attached to the stigma of Madurese is behavior that is always what it is in acting. The voice is firm and honest speech presumably is one form of everyday life that we can feel when assembled with the Madurese. Personal loud and assertive personality is another form of public-owned Madurese. Madurese culture is also a culture that attached to religious traditions. The majority of Madurese converted to Islam. Therefore, in addition to local cultural roots (original Madura) Islamic law is so rooted there. There's even an expression of culture: Madurese worst, if there is an insulting religion (Islam) then they will still be angry.

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