Maduranese culture not always crime

A writer from Madura, Mahwi Freshwater, said, Madurese culture is not always synonymous with celurit and violence.

This is revealed in Madura cultural dialogue and book "Eyes Blater" which contains a collection of short stories short story writer's Freshwater Mahwi together a number of Madurese culture expert at the University of Jember Research Institute auditorium on Friday.

"Madura not only synonymous with violence, but there is the tenderness and cultural values are rooted there," said Mahwi who tried to describe the Madurese culture through short stories.

The man who was born in the coastal Sumenep, Madura said Madurese have properties that hard and have the spirit to work hard.

"In this short story, I would like to invite the people of Madura not use violence to solve problems," he said.

Anthology (collection) short stories in "Eyes Blater" attempts to explore sociological issues are very complex Madurese community.

"I want to pour all my life experiences are hard at Madura with literary form of short stories and poetry," he said.

Short story is a picture of pain and passion that states violent nature and the environment can bear the beauty of life that will never run out.

Some short works include Freshwater Mahwi Eppak, Song of the Lonely Woman, Selaksa celurit Wall Hanging on the other hand, turned to the Bukit Timah Road, and the pair of Young Snails.

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