Madurese culture behavior

Madurese are known to have a distinctive culture, unique, stereo-typical, and stigmatik. Cultural identity is considered as a generalized description of individual and communal identity in the ethnic Madurese behave and berkehidupan. Their lives in places of origin and in overseas often brings ─ and always understood by other ethnic community on the basis of collective identity ─ it. As a result, not uncommon among them social and cultural treated ─ physically and / or psychic ─ perceived unfair, disproportionate and even out of the ordinary.

By Syariffuddin Mahmudsyah

Various descriptions of the absurd behavior of Madurese accustomed disclosed and shown ─ for example, in forums, intellectual community (well-educated) ─ that increasingly confirms their identity generalizations in shades of subordinate, terhegemonik, and alienated from the 'cultural scene' various other ethnic as an element of national culture. Although it every ethnicity have characteristics as communal identity, but the identity of Madura is considered more marketable than other ethnicities to disclosed and discussed, mainly for the purpose thaw frozen or condition tense atmosphere at a forum meeting due to the relative deemed able to deliver fresh jokes (absurdity behavior) .

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