Madurese is religious people

In the context of religiosity, the Madurese are known to hold strong (memedomani) Islamic teachings in any pattern of his life despite leaving a 'dilemma', to mention a deviation / contradiction between Islamic teaching (formal and substantive) and socio-cultural behavior patterns in their religious praxis. The recognition that the formal teachings of Islam as believed and followed in the ethnic Madurese individual life that was not always show linearity in the attitudes, convictions, and their behavior patterns. Dilemma of their religious practice, it would be especially interesting research theme for understanding the full, deep, and comprehensive on Madura ethnography on the one hand, and the successful penetration of Islamic teachings on the Madurese ethnic community that most people / ethnic others are still viewed ( in-believe?) has undergone internalization of sociocultural, on the other. Such an understanding is expected to give a meaningful contribution, especially for the clarity and brightness of the pattern element of view-nation citizens.

For the Madurese ethnic entities, hierarchical compliance becomes kenis-confidence to be actualized in our daily praxis 'normative regulation' binding. Therefore, neglect or abuse by a deliberate over the rules that lead to the perpetrators of social and cultural sanctions. Ethnographic meaning so tangible in the absence of further opportunities and space enough to waive that normative rules. In a broader meaning can be stated that the actualization of compliance was done throughout his life. There is no precise vocabulary to refer to other terms except submission, obedience, and submission to the fourth figure.

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