madurese leadership skill election

Description about the Madurese compliance to these four major figures can actually be traced standard reference on the side of cultural religiosity. As the majority of the inhabited islands (+ 97-99%) Muslims, Madura keberislamannya revealing characteristic, especially in the actualization of adherence to the normative teachings of their religion (Wiyata, 2002:42). Adherence to both parents is a tutorial on the Prophet Muhammad, although the order of precedence hierarkisnya Mother (Babbu ') then Dad (Buppa'). Messenger yebut obedience to multiply three children to his mother than his father. It also stated that the contentment of parents 'became the basis of' good pleasure of God. Therefore, normatively-religious mother level 3 times higher than the father then the product should Madurese adherence to the normative teachings of Islam gave birth to a culture that positioned the mother at the highest hierarchy. In reality, not the case. Although even so, culturally understandable why hierarchy father positioned higher than the mother. The position of father in-okultural sosi Madurese ethnic communities in control and full authority of the family institution as a figure who was mandated to be responsible in all their household needs, including: fulfillment of the purposes of economic, educational, health, and safety of all family members, including The Mother as a member of the 'leadership' man.

On the other hand, adherence to the Master's cultural Madurese (Kiai / Ustad) as well as to government leaders for their role and services that dang couch useful and meaningful to the ethnic Madurese survivalitas entities. Teachers instrumental in enlightening communal mindset and behavior of students to acquire the world's welfare and safety of inhabitants of the land hereafter. Their contribution is considered very significant and large credited for giving provision to live in the wild survivalitas world and salvation hereafter post-life of the world. While government leaders instrumental in arranging the order of public life through the provision of climate and job opportunities, expand economic opportunity areas, to accommodate the freedom of worship, maintaining safe environment, and build unity in a participatory or empowerment. The dimensions of religiosity, as figures in perspective Rato equated with the term ethnic Madurese ulil amri equally obliged to obey.

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