madura unique culture

The most fundamental issue really lies in the cultural meaning of compliance in the context of subordination, hegemony, exploitation, and stand to lose a lifetime. Meaning it needs to be put in place a just and proportionate. If the hierarchical obedience to figures I and II because there is no problem stretching to obtain and change cyclically the hierarchical compliance efforts untak change in figures III and IV can be reached through hard work and optimism with a stock of knowledge which is very adequate. Therefore, cultural issues about the conception of actual compliance is not something that without a solution to change it.

Madura cultural expression: kerras pas mon akerres (if able and competent to compete it must be authoritative, charismatic, and effective as a keris) can presumably inspired the ethnic Madurese individual entities to achieve success and peace in a life of helplessness in the world and the hereafter .

The uniqueness of Madurese culture is basically shaped and influenced by many geographical and topographical conditions of hydraulic and rain-fed agricultural land which tend barren so survivalitas their lives more at sea as the main perncarian eye. They were formed by marine life full of challenges and risks of which raises the spirit and physical courage high, hard and tenacious spirit, full of confidence, defensive in a variety of hazards and precarious situations, be open, straightforward in spoken, and uphold the dignity and self-esteem . Basic character formation maritime climate so sometimes expressed excessively so bring conflict and physical violence. Therefore, conflict management behavior accompanied by acts of violence 'confirmed and attached' as the cultural uniqueness of each individual group or figure Madurese ethnic community.

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